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The Wizard of Oz, or d'Oro t'Hy-Gale heh wuh Yar-khush Kahr

The Wizard of Oz

Yes, it's a classic book and later a classic movie starring a very young Judy Garland, but you haven't experienced it until you've read and/or seen it in the original Vulcan.

d'Oro t'Hy-Gale heh wuh Yar-khush Kahr

The Vulcan book is titled "d'Oro t'Hy-Gale heh wuh Yar-khush Kahr." The best translation for us Earthers would be "d'Oro t'Hy-Gale and the Emerald City."

The Vulcan's also have a movie version of the book, although only us Earthers would call it a movie. The Vulcan's prefer to describe it as a visual essay on the benefits of logic to overcome even the most dire of situations. The only copies of the Vulcan's video essay can be viewed at the Katric Arc, or at the Vulcan Science Academy. (Unless you are a subscriber to the Kelvin Timeline, then you know that these have been lost forever).

Similar to the Terran version of the story, the original follows the adventures and pitfalls of a young Vulcan girl name d'Oro t'Hy-Gale who is abruptly ripped from the security of her family home, not by a tornado, but by a quantum string anomaly and emerges in a very strange land. Her emergence from the string, also killed a denizen of the land and immediately causes an uproar. Her only comfort upon emergence was that her pet Sehlat named t'Oto was also caught in the anomaly.

d'Oro, although very young, was trained and excelled in the Vulcan disciplines of logic, but logic may not be enough for d'Oro, because she is nearing the onset of her first Pon Farr.

The locals realize that d"Oro needs help in getting home and advise her to follow the yellow brick road to Emerald City to find the Wizard, an omnipotent being that is the only one able to assist her in traversing the anomaly to get home.

On her way, she meets many strange characters, some helpful, some hindering, but she will need every bit of her logical will that is rapidly waning under pressures of Pon Farr to overcome the vengeful wrath of the Pulaski, who blames d'Oro for the willful killing of her sister upon d'Oro's emergence from the quantum string.

The Original Cast

Of the Vulcan Video Essay - d'Oro t'Hy-Gale heh wuh Yar-khush Kahr

d'Oro t'Hy-Gale

t'Oto, d'Oro's pet sehlat

Auntie Em and Uncle h'Enry
The Pulaski - d'Oro's Nemisis
This character is believed to be the inspiration for the Wicked Witch of the West  in L. Frank Baum's  version.

The Munchkins: 
Foreground The Mayor, Background, The Solicitor
Believed to be the basis for the Good Witch of the North, the Wicked Witch of the West's other sibling
The Tin Man
The Scarecrow
The Cowardly Gorn

The Masseuse:
An expert in Vulcan acupressure massage, The Tin Man recruits her services to help d'Oro, for her Pon Farr is getting more intense and he believes that her skills in acupressure may reduce the severity of d'Oro's mating urges. (Who says that the Tin Man doesn't have a heart)

The Capitalists
The Capitalists were a constant hindrance to d'Oro in her quest to find the Wizard in order to get home. They are the ultimate scam artists and would appear in hoards to steal yellow bricks to press in counterfeit Latinum, thus altering the path that d'Oro has been set on to find the Wizard. The Capitalists became the winged monkeys in the Baum version.
The Bartenders (Left: d'Ozzie, Right, Foxxfyrre)
They are the Bartenders at the t'Atooine Cantina in Emerald City. The acupressure sessions with the masseuse did not help to reduce the pressures of d'Oro's Pon Farr. d'Oro and her entourage ended up at the Cantina on a fancy dress themed night. Willing to do anything to end the suffering of her Pon Farr, d'Oro comes to the logical conclusion and takes matters into her own hands and 'cures' her Pon Farr with the eager help of these two 'stooges'. 
You guessed it--The Wizard
d'Oro t'Hy-Gale heh wuh Yar-khush Kahr is the finest example of Vulcan literature and the movie-or should I say Visual Essay- is a masterpiece. Emotional, heart-wrenching, humorous, at times horrifying, and at times sexy to near risque, are not terms that one would normally associate with Vulcans.  

To the Vulcans, it is revered as a teaching tool to instruct their children in the benefits of logic over emotion, but to the rest of the galaxy it's an epic. And us illogical Terran's would not have our beloved Wizard of Oz without it.

Hope you enjoyed my Star Trek Wizard of Oz Mash-up
Just having a little bit of fun with my nerdiness :)

Foxxfyrre aka Frank Sirianni

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Two Great Jump-Scare Horror Short Films

Two very creepy jump-scare horror short films

When it comes to movies on the big screen, horror films are probably my favorite, followed by Sci-fi and epic fantasy movies. Lately, I've been doing a lot of viewing on YouTube for film in the same genres. I'm becoming a big fan of these short films. 

The quality of many of the short films are amazing. Animated shorts can be just as spectacular as their big screen feature length big brothers. Many of the Science Fiction shorts are not only smart and tell a good story in a short time frame, but are really well done. For horror short films, many are quick jump scares that are quite similar in style. Other horror shorts really can tell a creepy or gruesome story in just a few minutes. And of course, some are just laughable. The two shorts below are wonderful quick horror movies that I would not say are laughable. 


Vicious is an award winning short horror film that packs a lot of tension into just a few minutes. I don't like spoiler alerts, but I did title this post with the words jump-scare, and yes, Vicious delivers.
 Vicious; Award winning short horror film

That's Not Me

The next horror short is called. That's Not Me. It is much shorter than Vicious, but I found it quite creepy. Let's just say that the woman-demon-ghoul-or-what-ever-it-was nailed the part.
 That's Not Me
Hope you enjoy these short horror films as much a I did. 


Frank aka Foxxfyrre

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Foxxfyrre's Financial News

Foxxfyrre's Financial News

The Oil Crisis is Hitting Alberta Exceptionally Hard

Image Credit:Maclean's 

 My friend in Edmonton just received a pre-declined credit card in the mail.
Calgary CEO's are now playing miniature golf

Husky Energy laid off 5 Senators.
"They're crooks anyway"

Mormons are now just getting by with only one wife.

Alberta’s McDonalds’ are now selling a 1/4 ouncer.

Angelina Jolie adopted a child from Alberta.

Formerly rich parents in Calgary are now firing their nannies and are busy learning their children’s names.
"It wants to do what? I'm not ruining these implants"

A truckload of Albertans was recently caught sneaking into Mexico.
"It'll be OK! We'll blend in"

And some Albertans have already left for Yuma, Arizona, to save on heating costs and have better access to cheap booze and to find a safe way to sneak into Mexico before Trump builds his wall

That's it for this edition of Foxxfyrre's Financial News
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