About Me

Crosses Legs, Pencil on Paper, 11" by 16"

I started drawing when I was 37 years old. Before work, a group of us used to get together and go for coffees at one of our favorite haunts. One co-worker always brought his sketchbooks and would draw while the rest of us would chat and have coffee while waiting to go to work.

One day I asked him if he could show me how to do some 'stuff' and the next week he gave me a call to meet him at a different restaurant prior to going to work. When I arrived, he was already there and I sat down and joined him. Before I could even say Hi, he tossed me a sketch book, a set of pencils, and different styles of erasers. He told me to draw a face. I did (barely recognizable as a face, mind you.) To my surprise, he said it was a very good starting point and told me to draw another face, but this time I did so under his direction. That was the beginning of my journey with drawing.

We continued to have these one-on-one art lessons at coffee shops for many months, and always before going to work. I won't tell you how many times we were late for work after these informal "Lessons".

Frank Sirianni aka Foxxfyrre
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