Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bill and Ted's Excellent Dating Adventure

Every Saturday, Mimi Lenox posts her Dating Challenge. I play as often as I can just because it's a lot of fun to do. This weeks challenge post, I'm adding commentary from, well you'll see. I've also been formally challenged by Lance from Solitary Views, for he feels that my standings in the game would not be as high if he was on time getting his answers in. So, we'll see Lance.

(DATING Adventure that is)

1. Bored, time for a woman.

Your air pump broke didn't it?

Bill:She totally nailed him on that one Ted. Maybe we should fix his air pump, dude.
Ted: Excellent dude. But what if it's the inflata-date that spung a leak.
Bill: Mondo thinking dude. I'll go get the bike patch kit.
Bill and Ted: Excellent.

2. I am the only me you will ever meet.

And that will suffonisphy my sufficiency sufficiently.

Bill: What she say dude?
Ted: I don't know dude, but it's excellent we ran into Plato here, maybe he can tell us.
Plato: I have no f&^king idea dude, but I think she's full. Maybe Mister Earp knows.
Wyatt Earp: It sounds like a bunch of cow pucky to me, but I do know suffonsiphy means one is too damn many.
Bill and Ted: Excellent, dudes.

3. Musician Chef seeks girl with ears and mouth

You'd better hurry, I just saw young Miss Potato Head running north with a guitar.

Bill: You see how fast that spud ran dude.
Ted: Ya dude, and she didn't even miss a riff. Oooo, that car just nailed her dude.
Bill and Ted: French Fries! Excellent.

4. Wanted: Someone To Share My Kool-Aid With

Lance, I keep telling you, if you'd just give up the 'business' you will get the girl. You're getting way to old to run that stand anyway.
Ted: After all those French Fries, I could use a drink dude.
Bill: I'll just warp Lance in from the future and tell him not to listen to Frank's not so excellent advice.
Ted: Lance dude, you sure got old.
Lance: You're pushin it Ted.
Bill: Don't listen to Frank, dude, keep the Kool-Aid stand.
Lance: How do you think I'm able to afford these mondo threads, dudes. I never listen when it comes to business.
Bill and Ted and Lance:Excellent, Kool-Aid Stand. Excellent.

5. I don't normally talk unless I have something to say

I don't normally listen unless there is something of substance to hear.

Ted: Dude, she just nailed him a good one again.
Bill: Ya dude, she sounds like some of the girls we've dated.
Ted: That's not so excellent dude.

6. Make My Heart Go Thump Thump

Bambie, the rabbits are in heat again.
It's okay, Flower. We're not Thumper's type anyway.

Ted: No dude, It's not those kind of bunnys either.
Bill: I don't care dude, dial this booth to Prince George, dude.
Bill and Ted: Party Time! Excellent.

7. Leave No Stone Untuned!

No thanks, but I will have a brownie.
Frank: Bill, Ted, what's up guys? Where are you?
Bill and Ted (on the couch moaning): Any munchies, dude?
Frank: Shit, you found the brownies, didn't you? That's just f&*king excellent.

8. Take Life By the Horns and Grab Me

That's NOT what Carpe Diem means.
Bill: Carpe Diem, that's French for Old style English fish and chips dudes.
Ted: Excellent dude. After meeting that last bachelor, I could eat for a week.
Plato: I don't think that's it either dudes, I speak Greek, but I think that it's those damn Romans talking about something something they did in the day.
Wyatt Earp: No dudes, I think that's ol' Latin for lake carp.
Ted: Are they good with tartar sauce?
Bill: And malt vinegar, dude.
Wyatt Earp: Pan fried on an open fire too, dudes.
Bill and Ted and Plato: Lunch time! Excellent.

9. There are days that I don't know what town I'll be in until I wake up in it.

But the Marshal gives ya a horse 'n a full days rations, so quit yer bellie achin'.

Festus: Well I'll be hog tied an' fricasseed if'n he comes back to Dodge.
Matt Dillon: Maybe Festus, but all this talk about dating, I think I'd better go see Miss Kitty.
Bill: That Marshal always gets his man dude.
Ted: I think you mean it's the Canadian Mounties that always get their man dude.
Bill: You think we should join em at the Long Branch Saloon, dude. I'll play a riff or two.
Ted: Mondo thinking dude.

10. Walking Fool

Lance: I think Frank is taking another jab at me dudes.
Bill: 50/50 chance there Lance dude.
Ted: And a one word jab too. Mondo Excellent.

I Don't Need Batteries

So, you're a kick start?

Bill: These comeback lines just get meaner as the game goes on dude.
Ted: I think that's the idea dude.
Bill: Oh excellent thinking dude. You think we should try this again.
Ted: Mondo thinking dude, but after we come back from Prince George though.
Bill: Oh yeah, bunnies. Party time, excellent.
Bill and Ted: See ya dudes.


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Mr-Lance said...

Frank you have not been challenged, yet! I was just pointing out that you won 2 weeks in a row because of my absence. no more, no less.

see you tomorrow for coffee?


FoxxFyrre said...

Coffe time, all the time, Excellent! See ya Lance, but the challenge is on next week.

Mimi Lenox said...

"Lake carp" - Ha!
You are sooooo silly.
Very cute feature, Frank.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Gtreat answers and the whole Bill & Ted thing was awesome dude!

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