Monday, July 23, 2007

UCS's Monday Mailer

The Unofficial Cheering Squad is now 12 days old. In that short time Gale Martin has completed 23.5 pages of her novel bringing her manuscript to 43.5 pages total!. I was going to email this post directly to Gale, but Gale received her first Gem Rocks! Yes, Gale doubled her quota of 3 pages for every post on her blog, and she treated us with two posts to boot! So while Gale was treating herself to a lovely walk, I hit the programs and the net.
And I struck Writer's gold:

The Writer's Prayer

Open my mind, Lord. Grant me the talent to write with clarity and style, so my words go down rich and smooth, like fine wine, and leave my reader thirsty for more.

Open my heart, Lord. Grant me the sensitivity to understand my characters--their hopes, their wants, their dreams--and help me to confer that empathy to my reader.

Open my soul, Lord, so I may be a channel to wisdom and creativity from beyond my Self. Stoke my imagination with vivid imagery and vibrant perception.

But most of all, Lord, help me to know the Truth, so my fiction is more honest than actuality and reaches the depths of my reader's soul.

Wrap these gifts with opportunity, perseverance, and the strength to resist those who insist it can't be done.


-- Sandy Tritt

(c)copyright 1999, Sandy Tritt. All rights reserved. The Writers Prayer

UCS Members

"We are all rooting for you and sending creative juices your way. Feel the vibe, Gale,......feel the blog vibe. We are proud of you!" - Mimi


Linda said...

My - what a motley crew we are but so far our cheering seems to be working! Gem definitely rocks!!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You are doing good, my friend. Linda's right, we are motley...

Anonymous said...

Like Bud said, you are the greatest cheerleader, and I'm sure glad you are cheering for moi. I love my artwork. I feel like bowing down like in a Wayne's World episode, "I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy." I am, however, exceedingly grateful to you and all my cheering peeps.

Anonymous said...

AND I should have said how much I liked that prayer. That's what it all boils down to...what's in that prayer. Chust loovely, Frank. I'm going to put it on my blog.

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