Monday, October 29, 2007

HnH's Roving Reporter Checking In

This is Lily Putian Skirt Reporting:

It seems as though there was a near-miss emergency in Foxxfyrre's Cave in the early morning hours of October 28, 2007. Lola, otherwise known as Grandma, my Bella Nona, heard a loud crash coming from the computer station of the Honk'n'Holl'r nerve center. 911 emergency was immediately dispatched to Foxxfyrre's cave. Always manning my scanner, I heard the dispatched 911 call and immediatly boarded my

ATLS (All-terrain Land Saucer) and headed for Foxxfyrre's cave. Arriving ahead of emergency responce, I went directly into the cave where I saw Grandma helping Frank, aka Foxxfyrre, Dursten Shaw'tz, Velvet Head, and more recently Grandpa, back up on the computer chair. Grandma acknowledged my presence by nodding, but immediately went to the phone and canceled the 911 call. Here's Grandma's conversations with 911:

"Hello 911. Yes, it's Lola Sirianni calling back again and you can cancel the EMT's, he's not having a heart attack after all, but he is a little stunned.... And if he puts a scare into me like that again, I will need you for an ice pack for the rolling pin goose egg that will mysteriously appear on his noggin.... Thank's for your troubles.... Bye now."
Lily: Hello Grandma, I'm Lily Putian Skirt. I am the new roving reporter for the Honk'n'Holl'r, Could I ask you what has just transpired. Do you mind if I record this interview?
If I can get this mini-recorder working that is.

Lola:I don't mind if you record this. All I know is that your Grandpa just logged on to his computer this morning, and bang, I found him on the floor with a silly grin on his face muttering what sounded like "rizinbla, rizinbla," over and over. I thought he was having a heart attack.

Lily: So, if it wasn't a heart attack, why did he fall off his chair?

Lola: I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with his email. Either that, or he's just being silly again. You know how he likes to pull pranks.

Lily: Silly? Grandpa being silly?
Lily: Oh, you mean my Grandpa being silly. Like that would ever happen!

Lola: So if you really need to know, I think you'd better ask him yourself.

Lily: Ok, thank you Grandma. Grandpa could you fill us in on some details of this morning's hoopla?

Frank: Well, I logged onto the computer this morning to check my email, and well, this happened:

And of all the awards to get, I never thought I'd receive this one because I don't have time to blog often enough, and my posts are usually just for fun.

Lily: The Rising Blogger post of the day award. Let me get a hard copy of that.
Hmmm. It seems Judd did a great review of the Honk'nHoll'r.

Frank: Yes he did a great job, and I've thanked Judd for the reveiw and award, but the funny thing is, the post he chose for the award, my "It was a Dark and Stormy...Meme" was also the HnH's 100th post.

Lily: It did take a while for you to hit the 100th mark, ggg.

Uhmm, so you won post of the day at The Rising Blogger, which happened to be your 100th post, then you fell off your computer chair in shock.

Frank: Well, sort of, but I also checked through some of the other folders on my email and I found another award that somehow got shifted into another folder. I received this a little while ago, but just opened it today:

The Blog Fairy also said I was one of the original Blue Ribbon Bloggers, I've been chosen to post on her blog The Blue Ribbon Bloggers. Thank you Blog Fairy. It's been quite a wonderful day for the Honk'n'Holl'r.

Lily: So that's when you fell off your computer chair.

Frank: No, I was just being silly and wanted to pull a practical joke, but don't tell your Bella Nona.

Lola: I heard that.

Well that's it for this edition of the H'n'H News.
This is Lily Putian Skirt Signing out.


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