Monday, May 05, 2008

Maybe we do need a banana?

I know its been a while since I poked my head into the blogoshere--with the exception of a little lurking here and there. Things happen in that other plane of existence that can dominate ones time and energy. But then life can't be made up of nothing but obligations and commitments, so I decided to hit the warp button on my little stone tablet, aka laptop and venture back into Bloggia for a bit. I couldn't have picked a better time because Mimi Lenox is fired up and ready for another Blogblast for Peace to take place on June 4th. Like every Blogblast so far, I want to be there like a pressed, but dirty shirt (I do spill lots of coffee, my dribble cup has sprung a leak).

Mimi has started this latest Blogblast for Peace with such energy that she has pulled up the drawbridge to Bloggingham Castle, cancelled the Comeback challenge until further notice, and doubled the guards in the dungeon. I guess she doesn't want to be distracted from memer's screams for mercy while prepping for what I expect to be the largest turnout of Peace Globes to date. If you haven't stopped into Mimi's blog as of late, I suggest you should stop into the Peace Globe Gallery and take a look at all the Peace Globes submitted to date. It's wonderful and illustrates the depth of Mimi's commitment to Peace and Dona Nobis Pacem.

On the very same day that I decide to poke my head back into Blog Universe, a little gem appeared in my inbox that couldn't be more topical. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


If you now excuse me, I'm going to prepare a nice fruit platter, some nice fruit punch, and set out a lovely dinner for two for my Lola and myself. After watching this I also came to realize that I may be a little behind in the Monkey-ing Around Department as well.

Cheers, Giggles, Peace, and Happiness.

And---Lola, for shame, that's naughty--Uhmm gotta go


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