Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cranial Flatulence

I want to say many things here, but I seem to stop myself and re-edit, delete, type again, and delete all over again. Then I get a brain fart and start all over again, only to delete. Mostly it's because I can't find the right words that I need to express my thought at the moment. But that's not all there is too it neither. I just don't want this little post to come across as another platitude directed at the audience that I want to direct this post to. This is to a few select people that have become friends that I would give the world right now to meet--just because.

Gale Martin--I hope everything is going well. I hope that you post again sooooooooooonnn. The blogosphere misses you dearly. I miss you dearly. The Cave just isn't the same without you.

Mimi--You are singly the most important person in my life that I have never set eyes on. I really can't express how important you are in my life--really. If there is any doubt, you mean that much that you are probably the reason for the disclaimer at the beginning of my post.

Bud: I can't even express how much I enjoy your posts coming up in my news feed. You have the humor that I adore and envy, but you also have a vulnerable heart that cannot beat unless it is reaching out to touch someone in a very unique way. What's even better is this happens almost by osmosis, and you probably aren't even aware of it. When you talk about music in your posts, you are opening up something deep inside you. I feel every word of those posts--and for that I thank you.

Lizza: I can't even start. I'm verclempt. You have been my sunshine on the most rainiest of days. And when you talk about rain, I feel like I'm being bathed in sunshine. (and beer)

Ian: Again I'm wordless, (but I'm not going to refer another person to the above disclaimer). I have hit the delete button for the last time tonight. I really appreciate the banter and humor and outright caring that you show to just about everyone in the blogosphere. Thank you.

Sandee: You have become my favorite smile of the day. When your posts come up in my reader, not two minutes later, I have a great big smile on my face. ( I do love the Story Game feature, but feel free to send a "Frank shut the &^*k up email" anytime, because I know that I'm having way too much fun with it).

There are way too many blog buddies to address in one post, but I thank and enjoy reading and interacting with all of you.

I just wanted to put this in words, because it is just too easy to make a picture and send it as an award to hopfully be placed in a side bar. That wasnt't the point of this post.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Health Check

I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse to have two children that have inherited a specific trait from their father; namely a twisted sense of humour. For Father's Day, I received the usual happy Father's Day kudos from the kids, but I also received a touching email from my son. In the email, Jason stated that now that I am a Grandfather, it may be time to look after my heath a bit better. I guess that he must be concerned that I must be getting on in years. He assumed that the first obvious thing to go, besides washboard abs, would be my eyesight. So, he took it upon himself to send me the following eye test:



It is OKAY to ground a 24 year old, is it not?   Mimi, do you have any dungeon cells for lease? I may need them.

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