Friday, April 10, 2009

The Adventure Begins: The Prequil

If you are going to talk about going on an adventure, I guess you should start way before the adventure begins. It was a very busy year for Foxxfyrre -- hence the lack of blog posting, but he continually went about his daily routine. Starting a new position, after 25 years of working the Honk'n'Holl'r, added its own dimension of stresses to Foxxfyrre's happy-go-lucky-cave-dwelling-lifestyle. The change in career and employment was a good one, but there still seemed to be something missing. What was missing? Foxxfyrre was unsure of what, but made no-never-mind of it. Once Foxxfyrre is committed to something, he stays committed (or is that should be committed?), for Foxxfyrre is the type of cave dweller that will give his all, or a reasonable stonesimilie of giving it all.

The nagging sense of something missing continued to fester somewhere within Foxxfyrre's psyche. Even his lovely Lola was noticing it in him, and sharing those same something-is-definitely-missing feelings within herself. It had been almost two years since their little cavemonkey Jodi had left the cave with little Lily, but thanks to Microstone's CaveCam, Foxxfyrre and Lola always got to see Jodi and Lily on almost a nightly basis. It was only a matter of time for Foxxfyrre's eldest cavemonkey, Jason, would also pack himself up and leave the cave, off to start adventures of his own. Now Foxxfyrre and Lola found themselves to be empty-cavesters. This was definately a different experience for both Lola and Foxxfyrre, but even for that empty cave feeling, it still wasn't exactly what seemed to cause that nagging of something is missing

Time passed on and Foxxfyrre and Lola went about their daily routine ignoring that something missing by staying very busy. Foxxfyrre's new career was very demanding on his time, but he plugged and plodded along with it. On one work day that seemed like all the others, a bird fell from the sky and it started. It wasn't really a bird, it was a phone call that Foxxfyrre recieved at work. An old friend and manager from years long gone called (we'll call him Trogg) to tell Foxxfyrre that he had relocated and started his own new career course as a General Manager of a hotel. Foxxfyrre was glad for him, but then Trogg dropped the other club. He needed Foxxfyrre's help. Foxxfyrre was pleased that Trogg had thought of him, but he felt that there was nothing he could do to help Trogg. Trogg's hotel was quite a distance away, and relocating would put Lola and Foxxfyrre even farther away from their lost cavemonkeys.

Foxxfyrre went back to the cave after work that day still elated for Trogg and the request for Foxxfyrre's help. He immediately told Lola the good news about Trogg and what he had requested. It was at that moment as Foxxfyrre looked into Lola's eyes, that they both realized what that something missing was. It was something so simple, it was hard to fathom that it could evade either of them for so long. That-simple-something-missing-feeling-that-evaded-Foxxfyrre-and-Lola was simply this:


Yes! It was that simple. Foxxfyrre and Trogg had a long working relationship together. Trogg was always a motivator, promoter, instigator-of-fun, and one heck of a good guy to work with. Trogg opened many nightclubs through his career, and Foxxfyrre worked in most of them with Trogg. When Trogg did leave the area, Foxxfyrre managed the last nightclub that Trogg opened at the Honk'n'Holl'r for nearly 10 years and enjoyed every minute of it right up until it closed five years ago. Since then, work had become just that--work. No matter how many promotions or changes in career direction that Foxxfyrre went through, it was still just work. Lola and Foxxfyrre spent the rest of that night eagerly planning what was to come next. If anything else, as new empty-cavesters, Lola and Foxxfyrre found themselves with a new freedom and flexibility that they never had before. And they were both up and eager for a new adventure. It was the very next morning that Foxxfyrre gave Trogg a call to find out more details and what he needed to do to help. Trogg mentioned that the night club in his hotel was currently closed and said that something had to be done fast to reopen it, and he wanted Foxxfyrre to help design and manage it.

Within three weeks Foxxfyrre found himself on one of these

And the adventure begins!

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