Thursday, July 28, 2011

100 Reasons to Blogblast4Peace: My Reason #1

I blog for peace for many reasons, although sparingly now because of time constraints and obligations.
First, it is a wonderful and inspired idea. 
Second, and what's probably a better question, is what "Hooked me on Blogblast for Peace?" The answer is a remarkable person who put her all into something, a person whom I came to respect and appreciate just from her writings. The absolute clincher, though,  was an evening I spent helping Mimi with the first full Blogblast.
It was mystical, fully spiritual, and awe inspiring.
Weird and wonderful things happened that night, and no matter how much caffeine that was consumed, or how tired one became, the evening flowed with its own electricity, power, energy, ether, or whatever you want to call the driving force that kept us going that night. I prefer to call it "mystical synchronicity" for as Mimi can confirm, many things occurred that night that cannot be just coincidence. My Lovely Lola was right by my side the entire evening helping me with categorizing Peace globes, and she can confirm, it was magical. 
One internet connection with over two thousand miles between two bloggers working furiously to keep up with the incoming globes, and a thought would come over one of us. Thought turned into quick email. Quick email turned into tingles and goosebumps all over. Mystical Synchronicity? It's real and is generated by Dona Nobis Pacem.  So not only am I on board with Blogblast for Peace, but I am a firm believer in its inherent power.
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