Friday, November 04, 2011

BlogBlast For Peace

One Footfall,
Breaks a Path.
One Path,
Blazes a Trail.
One Trail,
Opens a Road.
One Road,
Forms a Highway.
One Highway,
Connects People.
Connected People,
Forms Understanding.

One Thought,
Becomes and Idea.
An Idea,
Develops a Concept.
A Concept,
Leads to a Vision.
A Vision,
Starts a Movement.
A Movement,
Forms a Paradigm.
A Paradigm,
Shifts People.
Shifted People,
Change Worlds.

A Sound,
Forms a Tone.
A Tone,
Becomes a Note.
Write a Score.
Form Music.
Transmits Feeling.
Changes Moods.

One Woman Stepped,
Formed a Path,
That's Blazing Trails,
On a Virtual Highway,
Connecting People,
With an Idea,
Now Paradigm,
Moving People,
Changing Worlds,
Instilling Understanding,
One Blog,
One Update,
One Tweet,
One Peace Globe,
At a Time.
For BlogBlast For Peace,
Is Music.

Thank You Mimi.

News Flash!
I think I found it.
I think I found the Great GrandDaddy of the first Cat Peace Blogger!
I just had to share this photo, mercy and tenderness can happen anywhere at any time. 

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