Sunday, January 27, 2013



Yes, nothing.

Nothing is defined as: No thing, not anything. 
According to Google Dictionary.

If nothing has a definition, doesn't that make it something? Some of anything? 

I can prove that nothing is something. Imagine that I give you a box. A box that is wrapped and closed so that you do not know what is inside. I even tell you that it may contain something or nothing (I can't say that it contains everything, for even I don't have those skills). You open it and find the box in one of two states, a state where there is something (a member of anything)  in the box. Or the state where there is nothing in the box. Not only does nothing have a definition, it also has a state.  So nothing is something which is a member of anything. That nothing you found could have been that cat that Schrodinger was talking about. Wouldn't that have been something!
Children have known the concept on nothing is something, and have probably know it since the beginnings of time. Just ask any child what they're holding behind their back. It is always nothing.

But I digress, for I really wanted to post nothing here. Which is proving more difficult than I first thought, for posting nothing is posting something. I figured that I needed some help to post nothing, so I turned to Google and Wikipedia to continue my research, for they collectively know everything which would include nothing--Right?
Boy was I wrong, they really do know NOTHING.
Entering nothing in Google's search bar, I believed that I would get nothing in return, but to my dismay, it returned 1.9 BILLION hits. That's one heck of a lot of nothing. What are their spider-bots doing? I suppose -- nothing. 
Wikipedia was no better. Putting in nothing returned this.
A Disambiguation Page? Holy Crow!
I have to be specific with nothing? Nothing now has topics? Types? Styles?
This was getting me nowhere fast! (Hmmm, Nowhere, but that'll have to be another post).
All those hits, and all those topics about nothing, I don't have that kind of time to research nothing. Then I thought, because I am a visual learner, maybe I would try a Google Image search of nothing. I thought I would get:

But nnnoooooooo!
Thousand upon thousands of nothing images. There were Nothing Cartoons. Nothing people, Nothing Photographs, Nothing Paintings, which were kind of dark for my taste by the way. There were Nothing Bands. Nothing Music, Nothing Albums, Nothing Art, Nothing Tools, Nothing Quotes, and even Nothing Places. There were Nothing Celebrities, and even Nothing Billionaires, most notably:
The Social Network Guy found in a nothing image search.
Which, now that I think of it makes sense, for this is the gentleman that made billions on a website that literally gets millions of people spending hours upon hours doing NOTHING. Isn't that something!

After all the research and scouring thousands of images just to gain a little insight on nothing to be able to post absolutely nothing, I failed in my task. Or did I?

One thing I did learn from researching nothing is when someone has done me a HUGE favour and I thank that person for it, if that person responds with, "Oh, it was nothing," I will know in my mind
The Node that understands nothing.
and in my heart that it was EVERYTHING!


And if I could, could I get that box back that I gave you? I want to keep trying till I find that darn cat once and for all.

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