Friday, November 07, 2014

Blogblast4Peace: 8 Years Later

Eight years ago, November 6 2006, was a very special night that lasted right through the wee hours of November 7. There was magic in the air, and I was on a special mission. That mission was to help a friend with her special project. And quite a project it was.

My task was simple, to categorize a whole bunch of images that would come my way and save them in an album. These images were precious to the project. My friend would send me to the link of the altered images that she would find in the blogosphere, and I would follow that link and place them in that special web album so all could find them.

And there were images, lots of them, and they kept coming. This project was getting big quickly, but the project had purpose. A special purpose.

Every image that was saved and categorized were edited by each blogger by adding a special message, or adding an image that meant something to the blogger, and even some cats--yes--real house cats participated and added their own special meaning to the project.

Along with the images that bloggers altered for the project, they also wrote a special post about the "topic" that meant something to them, or a message that they wanted to convey about the topic of the project.

And we read those posts or more accurately, we felt those posts. Each and every one of them were special, and all on topic, and all on one special day.

I did say that there was magic in the air that night, and I swear there was. Even though my friend and I were separated by thousands of miles, I was blizzard bound way up in my 'Cave' in Northern Canada, and my friend was huddled at her computer finding more images and posts, there was a synchronicity that occurred for us that night. Links and images and posts and coffee were flying about us at near light speed while we were also writing our topic posts and altering our own special images. It was while writing our posts that the magic happened, my friend received a specially delivered message in the form of a bowl of hand made marbles that her Papa made,
and I received a different message from my daughter in the form of an image of her unborn child. These messages happened almost simultaneously and became part of our own posts, and images.

These messages changed the substance of our topic posts in a special way, and once our posts and images were completed, we sent each other our links for each to see, and this also happened almost at the same moment. It was a wonderful night. We messaged each other back and forth for hours about all the blog discoveries we made, and the pure magic it was creating on the blogoshpere.

Every Blogblast 4 Peace has been a magical journey, and each year the reach has gone farther for now there are thousands of Peace Bloggers all over the world that are Blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting a simple message Dona Nobis Pacem in their own unique ways.

What Mimi Lenox started back in 2006 has become a movement of Peace that won't be silenced. It has been a pleasure to participate with the Blogblast4Peace for as I said earlier, each has been magical.

This year as I was thinking of what to post for this years Blogblast, I was struggling a little for what to post. But somehow the magic of Blogblast4Peace ignited again through a simple message from my daughter, which again changed the entire direction of my post. I just received her email containing the special message November 3, one day before the official Blogblast4Peace launch date of November 4th. When I saw the contents of the message, I knew I would have to postpone my post to the anniversary of that very magical night when I categorized Peace Globes for Dona Nobis Pacem.

For all: Dona Nobis Pacem let the Magic Continue

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

4 Pictures 1 Word Honk'n'Holl'r Style

Honk'n'Holl'r's 4 Pictures 1 Word: Round 1

If you have an iPhone, you probably are addicted to this game. I don't have an iPhone, so I have to make up my own versions of 4 Pictures 1 Word. Want to Play along? Just put your answer in comments.

Rules of the game are simple. There are 4 pictures and only 1 word is common to all 4 pictures. I won't give hints, or combination of possible letters that will make up the answer. But I will give prizes for correct answers. And a bonus prize for the funniest incorrect answer.

First Prize: 6,000,000.01 Brownie Points
Second Prize: 3 Heaping Tablespoons of Good Karma
Third Prize: 2 Murphy's Law ByPasses Tickets (your bread won't hit the floor butter-side-down)

Funniest Incorrect Prize: Still in negotiations with Afflac

Game One

Game Two

Have fun with these.
I'll Post answers and Winners with Round 2 of 4P1W


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