Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Inn Space Episode 5

Barten-hic-der I'-hic-ll have an-hic-oth-hicc-other!

(in edit still--sorry)


Reality File

----When I first started working at the hotel, the main desk had an unusual occupant that always hung around. It seemed like a very weird place to hang a taxidermied buffalo head. It was very out of place and did not fit any of the decore of the hotel. Years later, the main lobby was renovated, and the buffalo head was moved, but to everyones disbelief, it was re-hung over the reception area of our dining room. The reason they felt they could not dispose of the head is that we are major supporters of the local bison association, and host many of their functions within the hotel. So there it hung, for many more years. It did become a mascot, per se, and I affectionately called her Mommalo. One night, about five months ago, Mugs and I decided to finally put Mommalo to rest--without permission of course. Mugs emailed me later that evening, and I responded (see emails below). The reason I've posted these emails, is later the following day, Mugs mentioned that I should start "writing this shit down, before you forget about it." As I stated in earlier posts, Mugs and I have been playing this email tag for quite a while, and this little email story actually gave me the idea of writing Inn Space just so I wouldn't forget some of the funny 'shit' that's happened over the years. I couldn't see a way to make this fit into the Inn Space fiction, but I felt it needed to be shared.
Rest in Peace Mommalo.

Real Communications: Really!

Subject: Mommalo is gone!!!!!

What has happened, great white leader ? have you vanished off the face of the earth ??? I will not see you tonite I took the day off ! Ha! So there, I will teach you to put sauser's on my lamp's !
No one noticed the missing buffalo ! Show's how much they care........................
Do let me know if you are alive and well.

Subject: Re: Mommalo is gone!!!!!
Hi Mugs
No, I'm still here Mugs. I've just been a little bust to email you lately, but here's the real story of Mommalo's demise.

The weird tale of the 'Bashed in head buffalo jump'

Yup, that's the story. When given the third degree from Que'nesh on
where Mommalo went, I had no choice but to cough up
the truth. You see, 35 Cree Braves riding pinto's
bareback stormed through the lobby, and through the
kitchen, down the cafe waitress line, and eventually
into th'Province Eatery which they thought was southern Alberta
because of the dark browns and reds, and the pink wild
Alberta roses on the flat tableau messas. Noticing
Mommalo gaurding the entrance to their sacred plains,
they immediately dismounted disrobed and danced in the
buff for their high buffalo spirit guide. Dancing up a
frenzy, the shaman called a halt and prepared a fire
in which to honour Mommalo. Their spirit quest had
begun. Pulling out the ritual pipe and pungent herbs,
they smoked and ate dried pyote buttons. Chanting what
sounded like mumbles, one young brave rose up yelling,
"The hunt has begun!" and ran towards Mommalo and took
her off the wall then mounted her on the back of his
pinto and rode off. The rest immediatley mounted their
ford pintos and rode off ky-yeeing after the young

Curious, I chased after them, through the lobby, out
the back porch, passed the drive-thru, and all the way
up to the third floor of the parkade. Then an
astonishing thing happened, the brave with Mommalo in
tow, jumped over the girdding and vanished as mist on a
cool night when the sun starts to rise. Still disrobed, the rest of the hunting party dropped to the ground almost in full prostrate. A
lightning bolt flashed, thunder pounded, and it
started to rain, but only on the prostrate braves.
Chanting what sounded like "Bless this bounty, we will
feast well this moon", the braves and pintos slowly

After relating this incident to 'The Powers That Be', I
was told directly that the story was nothing but
I said, "Tell me about it I got 6 bags out of the
lobby alone."

Moral of the story: Never have a bison special during
a full moon!!!

Tee hee

Nah no one noticed anything, Mugs



Notes To Readers
----Convention season has started, damn! This tends to be a very busy time for me at the hotel. So please bear with me. Posting may be a little sporatic, but I'l l continuing to add to Inn Space fiction. Episode 5 is almost ready, and will have it posted shortly.
See ya!



Anonymous said...

Great, great story. I can see that whole right-brain artist orientation coming out in your writing--fresh, fun, unpredictable. A wonderful saga! But it would still would be fun to know where poor mammola went and how it got there. I guess you're not tellin', are ya?

FoxxFyrre said...

Hi Gem
Thanks so much for stopping by. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was reading it, because the way I've built it up, the posts are so long!!
Funny thing, when I draw, I can become so absorbed in the process that old lefty brain goes, "Who did that," when I step back and look at a piece I really like. Now when I sit and try to put together the fiction, and read the finished post, Rightie goes "Where's the pictures?" ggg
Thanks again, it means so much to me.
Mommalo just might make an appearence yet!

Bobby Griffin said...

Rerun Sunday, comin at ya!

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