Saturday, January 13, 2007

Comeback #10: Updated with tie-breaker results!

It's Mimi Lenox's Big Challenge Dating Comeback Round 10. Every week the competition gets bigger, better, and more challenging as more Bloggers test their wit with these comebacks. Last week there were 19 challengers in all. And last week, with all that stiff competition, I won. Well I'm back to defend my title. As in last weeks post, the dating headlines or snippets are in red, and my combacks are in yellow.

I have been a bartender for many years, and have watched the 'live' version of Mimi's Dating Challenge unfold in front of me (while I'm safely tucked behind the bar, mind you!). It is fun to watch all the men have their best pick-up lines shot down time after time. Many times, after the men have rebounded from their verbal neutering, they'll have a 'sour grapes' comeback of their own, or they just don't understand the word no--usually the latter--all in an effort to get the last word. Ha! Silly men. In this post, I'm adding a response for each bachelor (in red and in each bachelor's character) to each of my comebacks.

The Big Challenge Round 10

1. I am devorced but not better. Life is to short to be better. I try to look at the brieght side of things.I have not dated for 19 years so this is a strang feeling but good.

You can't include riding your mare, Butter-cup, to the Saloon as your last date. I don't care if Will Roger's kissed his horse too.

Is that a mule you rod in on, cuz I aint kissin your......

2. Oh, and the picture of the little boy is me when I was 5. Yes, that is an expert level lego for ages 16. That has been my primary source of pride throughout my life.

That's cute. When did you plan on building your expert lego set, Eintstein? It's still unopened on your mantle right beside your Lite Brite, and Etch-a-Sketch.

FYI, they go up in value if you keep them in the original packaging.

3. You must be within 25 miles of my city!! Why 25 miles? Because it's divisible by five. That's a reasonable distance to jump in my car and meet up and do stuff.

Good to see you have your A.D.D. under control now that your doing your TIMES'ES BY and your GOES INTOS. Now for your lesson in TAKE AWAYS because I'm out of here!

Ooh! I like take away, how about some Chinese, and a bike ride, my nose is itchy.

4. My best feature is my smill my highthim 6'3" tall and I shave my head.

And when you eat M&M's do you throw out all the W's.

Nah, just the redones.

5. Well? Are you just Going to Stand There?

Sir, this is the Ladies department, and that IS a mannequin.

Phew, and I thought my ex was rigid.

6. I'm an easy going guy that aims to please and doesn't require much maintenance. The type that can take structural criticism without getting my feelings hurt.

Foundation cracked and shifting, windows overdressed and draughty, eave-troughs leaky in need of painting, needs roofing--tiles shifting. With this much maintenance to be done, forget any plastic surgery, I'll call Flip This House.

So I'll take that as a thumbs-up.

7. All these heads and games what a waist.

King me, but don't even think of trying to jump me.

No really, what a waist.

8. The simple thinks are the most important to me.

"Out damn spot," that's Shakespeare's Lady MacBeth. Now, "See Jane Run!" that's me. Is that simple thinks enough for you?

Shucks, even I know Spot is Jane's Doggie.

9. Single guy looking for someone who is comfortable sitting at home or going out. Someone not worried about whether people see them dirty. My likes are wide.

Wide screen TV, wide couch, wide coffe table, all on your wide deck in the wide outdoors. You go freshen up in the shower, while I go and get a little more comfortable in that cab I haven't let go yet.

No need to get changed. I'll get the chips and dip. The remote's on cruise control.

10. Hi, I guess to make sure we are on the same page. I do not play head games, and want a relationship based on lies, or drama!!

Damn, another Harold Robbins wanna be.

And what page is he on?

Well, as I am ready to post this, the results came in and..

I'm tied with Starrlight for 1st place with 11 points.
Bud Weiser and Matt-Man are tied for 2nd place with 10 points each.
Epiphany and WENDZ (a first timer) are tied for 3rd place with 9 points each.

So, now there has to be a tie-breaker comeback.
And the Bachelor's headline is
"My favorite colors are black and chrome. Looking for a back. Wanna ride?"
But you'll have to wait for the judging before I post the tie-breaker comeback,
and the winner of Mimi's Dating Comeback Challenge!!
Mimi will post the tie-breaker on Wednesday.

UPDATE on Mimi's Comeback Challenge!

First, My tie-breaker entry!

"My favorite colors are black and chrome. Looking for a back. Wanna ride?"
Too bad Pimp My Ride doesn't accept mopeds. Wait till you catch me dead, then we'll talk about a ride. Oh, and you might want to try Nair for Men then you'd be able to see your back.


And the winner of Mimi's Comeback Challenge # 10 is...

Envelope Please...
Oops. Wrong envelope. Silly me!
And the winner is....
Starrlight of Here comes a storm in the form of a girl.
Second place goes to Bud from Wtit
And third geos to Ian of Edog's Everything page

Stay Tuned next week as I try to regain my title!


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Great job as always, Frank. This might be your best yet!

Good luck. Win the thing!

Sanni said...

So much fun =)
I´ll quit eating M&Ms as soon as I can!

Mimi Lenox said...

This is a hoot! Mims

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I have enjoyed reading all the great memes out there in the blogosphere.

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