Friday, April 20, 2007

Ann 'n' Ominus #1

Welcome to the wild and sometimes tactless, sometimes quirky, and sometimes downright rude world of Ann 'n' Ominus. An original cartoon, that Foxxfyrre hopes will become a frequent addition to the Honk'n'Holl'r.

Okay, I have it. I suffer from InOVoCoS aka Inside/Outside Voice Control Syndrome. Sometimes I can keep the two nicely tucked away functioning as they are meant to, but other times that darn inside voice just comes out when least expected.
At work the other night, I was just letting my mind wander, as it usually does, and I was thinking of all the blogs that I've stopped at that have Quotes of the Day posted on them. I was also thinking of how many of them are credited to that prolific speaker Anonymous.
As the night went on, I also started to think about all the marvelous quotes that I hear around the workplace. Keep in mind, I work in a hotel, and most of these quotes come from those that have imbibed throughout their evening. Many of these quotes get zinged by moi, by letting that darn inside voice out (in a funny way), but that also depends on who said it. I may have to filter that inside zinger to a more PG, PC or whatever '&&' Friendly manner that I can. For those that suffer from InoVoCos, this can be quite a strain, but being the ultimate professional that I am (Ha!), I do quite well with controlling it.

Sidebar: Those that suffer from InOVoCoS will find relief in participating in Mimi Lenox's Dating Comeback Challenge. It is a PG-Rated contest, but it sure is a lot of fun to let those Bachelor's have it.

Then through a spark of inspiration, or a tad too much baked beans from the buffet, Ann 'n' Ominus came to mind, where I would take some of these quotes that I hear and place them in a cartoon.
The quote, always by character Ann, will be zinged by Ominus's Inside Voice (thought balloon), or Inside and Outside voice (speech balloon) simultaneously. As time goes on with this cartoon, and I create more, you will notice that the contents of the Inside/Outside Voice Balloons will appear to be in the wrong places. This is InOVoCoS in full and unfettered form.
Any InOVoCoS Suffers out there in the Blogoshpere?
Need a place to let it out (so to speak).
Well I have just the Rx you'll need.
Just copy either cartoon jpg of your choice, load it up in any graphic program, add a quote then let you're InOVoCoS go free. (Please leave the copywrite and originating URL on the graffic in tact so that other sufferers will know where to get their prescriptions filled. We all need to help each other with this syndrome.

Ann 'n' Ominus showing 'Controlled' InOVoCoS

Ann 'n' Ominus showing 'Uncontrolled' InOVoCoS
This post is condoning and approving prescriptions for InOVoCuS being pilfered through WTIT's Sunday Stealing's. If you do 'join' Bud Weiser's 'Thieves Guild', please stop into WTIT: Tape Radio to give the Heads Up! Besides, Bud Weiser's Thieves Guild is free to join.
And don't forget your Peace Globes. June 6th is just around that corner.

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Anonymous said...

That's one outside-the-box-cartoon, Frank. Just caption clouds, huh? ENTP, baby, ENTP. Very clever. Hope you are well!

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