Monday, April 09, 2007

Foxxfyrre's Best 9 'n' 6 Worst

Welcome to Foxxfyrre's Best 9 'n' 6 Worst, where I'll post my Top Best Nine List followed by the Top Six Worst List.

It is where I'll post 9 things that I do like about something, and 6 things that I don't.
A Rose as beautiful and sweet smelling as it is, but it still has pricks that freakin hurt.
I know because I used to wrap hundreds of them every weekend for sale in bars that I ran.
And, unlike the Rose with it's thorns, I'll try to poke a little fun at the the reasons I like and dislike something.
So for my first "prelist" is simply why I chose a 9 and a 6 for this theme.
Update: I posted this yesterday, April 10, but Lance from Solitary Views has already completed his list and it is hilarious. You can read it here.

Why only nine for the best list?

1. Top Ten List has been taken for years by that 'Other' Grandfather on late night TV

2. Nine is part of my full internet handle, ie "Foxxfyrre 9"

3. It is one digit in my favorite two digit number. Hint: That two digit number is 'one-eight-one' in metric.

4. Sounds cool when spoken.

5. It's how many lives a cat has.

6. Coupled with a six 6pun9, they make great brackets. 6Like in this post, and you don't have to use the shift key!9

7. It's a perfect 100 in trinary 6ternary number system9.

8. It looks like a spermatazoa, therefore a very manly number.
And finally.

Drum Roll Please!

Paul, like now!

. 9. It reminds me of one of my favorite sappy jokes 6Yes, I tell it all the time--like right now!9

Did you hear about the German Lady that was being raped by ten Italian Soldiers? She kept yelling, "Nein, Nein, Nein!"

So, One left.

6Yes, I'm giggling. It's the first time I've typed out this joke9

So, why the Top Six Worst too.

1. Usually, no matter how good something is, there is something you don't like about it. Ever pick off the black olives on a pizza?

6I like black olives, I just say I don't9

2. Couples well 6pun9 with the Top Nine. tee hee.

3. In case you're wondering, 6 is 20 in trinary.

4. For every measure, there's a countermeasure.

5. It's my other favorite digit in that two digit number. Hint: What's a 77? Same as a 6that two digit number9, but you get 'eight' more.

6. It also looks like a sperm.

6You didn't think I'd leave it at a one count did you? I may be a Grandpa now,but...but.9

So, now what, you ask?

Well, I'm putting together my first Best 9 'n' 6 Worst list right now, and I'm inviting everyone who wants to play.

First topic for the post is

Top 9 reasons I'm proud to be a 6______9

Top 6 reasons I'm not so proud to be a 6_____9

In my case the 6_____9 is Canadian, but fill in the blank with anything you want, if you'd like to play along.

To clear up any confusion about Best 9 'n' 6 Worst think of making a list about one topic, with 9 good things, and 6 bad things about the topic.
For Example
I'm a night manager of a hotel, but I was also a bartender for years, so I could make a list of:
The Top 9 reasons it's great to be a 6Bartender9
The Top 6 reasons it's not so great to be a 6Bartender9
Uhmm, I think I could come up with lots for bartending.

I'd love to hear all your best and worst lists.

Don't forget, Mimi's Dona Nobis Pacem Blogblast for Peace is coming quickly, so get your peace globe, and your posts ready for June 6, 2007

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Mimi Lenox said...

Frank, This looks quite complicated but I'll give it my best shot. You and your ternary terms and such. !!!

Prometheus said...

Baawww.. This one will expose the secret identity of our superhero. The world will know that mild mannered Prometheus is in reality PROMETHEUS. Mercy, Lord Frank. Can Prometheus duck out of this first one?

FoxxFyrre said...

HI Mimi
I sent an email which I think clears up any confusion in my post. (which I'll have to make clearer by editing this one.
My first round will be
Top 9 reasons I'm proud to be Canadian
Top 6 reasons I'm not so proud to be Canadian.
So for anyone to play just think of David lettermans top ten list
Top (best) 9 reasons Blank
Top 6 (worst) reasons Blank
as long as Blank is the same thing that your making the list from.

Prometheus, sure you can duck out, but after reading the above, I think prometheus, PROMETHEUS's identity will be preserved.

Blublood said...

Okay, I have been an avid watcher and great fan of The Late Show w/ David Letterman for years as well as the Top Ten list.

I like this idea though, it is more than interesting...

Are you going to do this regularly? I hope so...


Lance Riley said...

ask and he shall receive, Solitary Views has my response... god help us all...

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

We'd be up with our 9/6!

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