Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a hit!

Leader of the Pack

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was doing the art design for the new dinner theater that just recently opened in our Hotel. Well, with everything going on around me, I still managed to get the design done and the owners of the theater are quite pleased with the results. The play is entitled "Leader of the Pack" and, as the name suggests, it is a musical based on the life of song writer Ellie Greenwich. The show has run for two weeks now and is a sell out.
When they approached me to do the art work, I was a little worried because I usually only work with pencil or charcoal, but they wanted me to work with colour and paint. Well not just any colour either, they wanted the design to work in regular light as well as under black fluorescent lighting. Am I a sucker for punishment? Am I in over my head? The answer is probably yes to both questions, but I also like a challenge. So I accepted.
At center stage, they wanted a painted juke box that would appear to light up when the music came on, and appear colourful but turned off when there was no music just dialog. This was to be done without installing electric lighting effects to the juke box. There was also two round movable stages for dancers that could be moved easily by the dancers. These stages were meant to look like 45 rpm records, and also needed to appear to jump out, or come to life when actors were singing. And lastly, three desk chairs were to be transformed into cars using a backing. These cars were meant to rotate and appear to be driven while under black light conditions.
This is what I came up with for the art design of the stage. The pictures are poor quality because all we had handy to take the pics was Lance's cell phone.

The above pictures are in black light only. For the juke box (center stage entrance) I used regular spray paints, fluorescent spray paints, fluorescent hair spray, industrial tin foil, and real 45's. One of the portable stages is visible to the right. I used fluorescent poster board and many many sharpie markers for the printing of the labels. The cars (chairs) were fun to do. They have a coroplast body and I used tinfoil for the windows and around the headlights. The headlights used fluorescent paint, and I used ashtrays to make the lens for each light.
This is just me having fun on one of the cars. Finally, a car I don't need a license to drive!
The stage under different lighting conditions, and center stage close up.
(We forgot to take a pic with the black lights off to show the regular colouring of the juke box)

The owners really liked the work I put into this project, and they have mentioned that they would like me to do more for next season. They also mentioned that the season finale will be "The Best Little Whore House in Texas". I don't think I'll be designing any glow in the dark condoms though, hmmmm. I wonder.

I say... And you Think...?
My week 2 of week 221

1.Order ::
2.Mortician ::
3.Determine ::
4.Ignore ::
5.Guy ::
6.Train ::
7.Garlic ::
8.Wacky ::
9.Parent ::
10.Burning ::

If you'd like to play along just post your answers in comments, or stop into Unconscious Mutterings to join the meme. Your answers do not have to be a single word, you can add anything.

Last, and most importantly, don't forget Mimi's Blogblast for Peace, June 6th 2007.


FoxxFyrre said...

My "I say...And you think...?
1.Order :: In the court!
2.Mortician :: One who imitates anything by Mrs. Addams. "Oh Gomez! You know I love it when you speak French."
3.Determine :: Investigate
4.Ignore :: 'amous
5.Guy :: Lombardo
6.Train :: Teach
7.Garlic :: Vhat, you a scared I gonna bite you neck?
8.Wacky :: Tobacky
9.Parent :: Grounded
10.Burning :: Itch

Lance Riley said...

hope you head still fit's through the door of the Big Hotel... joking, 10 points for you! invoice is in the mail for the photographer.

Mimi Lenox said...

1.Order :: fries with cheese
2.Mortician ::was a lovely woman...oh, that was Morticia
3.Determine :: the stats
4.Ignore :: my diet
5.Guy :: in New England
6.Train :: wreck
7.Garlic :: breath
8.Wacky :: world
9.Parent :: child
10.Burning bridges

That was fun. Means absolutely nothing. (except the guy part) and a new meme for Queen meme. Thanks, Frank!

Mimi Lenox said...

And your artwork looks great!

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