Monday, March 17, 2008

Royal Rejections: Comeback Challenge

Comeback 56 01

I play Mimi's Comeback challenge as often as I can, but I can never seem to play it straight. I twist it up and add whatever silliness I can to the mix. This week I thought it would be fun to answer the Bachelor profiles as if I was a famous Queen from history. Well most are historical Royals anyway. Besides, with Mimi Queen of Memes hosting this game, it seemed appropriate that other famous Royals should get in on the game.

Round 56

Royal Rejections

Comeback 56 02 1. Let's hang it sideways in an open lot.

Comeback 56 03

No Mark, my Obelisk must stand erect in the centre of my courtyard for eons to come for my subjects to honour my ascension to Godhood, not just haphazardly hung mocking man's shortcomings. Away with you, and don't let my snake bite you in the asp on the way out. -- Cleopatra Queen of Egypt


Comeback 56 04 2. A Loyal Gentleman With Good Roots

Comeback 56 05

See, I knew there was a peanut under my mattress. --Catherine the Great of Russia


Comeback 56 06 3. Step up to the plate

Comeback 56 07 You know that's not an appropriate thing to ask a Queen. Oh my Lord! You meant MY head. -- Mary Queen of Scots


Comeback 56 08 4. This ride ain't over yet...get on.

Comeback 56 09 I'll see if Solomon 'll tally me banana. Tis daylight come, I think I'll go home. -- Queen of Sheba


Comeback 56 10 5. Five People Rolled Into One Seeks Same

Comeback 56 11 But Dodi, my driver will take us. We don't need to carpool. -- Princess Dianna (I'll probably be kicked out of the Common Wealth for that one)


Comeback 56 13 6. I will need to hoo you.

Comeback 56 12 How did you know my Spirit Guide is an owl. John? -- Pocahontas


Comeback 56 14 7. I'm tired of being an "Idiot Magnet."

Comeback 56 15 That is because there is just no chemistry between us. Marie Curie (Queen of Physics and Chemistry)


Comeback 56 16 8. You had me at Hellno!

Comeback 56 17 Hell ya I had you at Hell no. That's cuz this momma's talkin an youse doin the walking. Uhhuh! The hand now sugar, youse talkin to the hand. -- Queen Latifa


Comeback 56 18 9. Over forty victim of fate

Comeback 56 19 Don't be blowing out my candle yet, there's still some legend left in me. Sir Elton John (Queen of Knights)


Comeback 56 20 10. My Boat Needs An Anchor

Comeback 56 21 What is a with you sailor men? I senda one out to find India, and Christofo landa in the Americas. I finance a no more armadas. -- Queen Isabella.


Comeback 56 22 Tie-Breaker: I Gots What You Need

Comeback 56 23 It was just a song, and there was no mention of Fat Bottomed Boys. Freddie Mercury (King of Queen)


That's it for this round of Mimi's Comeback Challenge round 56: The Royal Rejection episode.


Mimi Lenox said...

You're too much Frank! That must have taken you forever to do!

FoxxFyrre said...

thanks Mimi
No they don't take too long, but who knows, I just have a heck of a lot of fun doing them and tacking down the right picture to play with.

Anonymous said...

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