Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear Diary: Episode One

Dear Diary

Episode One
A Fictional Real-time Collaboration By Foxxfyrre and Mr. Lance Using Google Docs 

Remember the old dairies that we kept all to ourselves when we were young? We kept it hidden. It had its own lock and key, but it could be picked by any hairpin. We would be beside ourselves if one of our siblings or -- god forbid -- parents were to find it and read it. Then in later years, some of us progressed this process into journals. Even blogs were designed to be an online journal that we could all keep, and even share.
What if that diary that we all spilled our guts into had a mind of its own?
What if the diary commented on everything that the writer entered?
What if everyone could read the diaries comments except the writer of the diary?
What if the diary knew everything about the writer, every secret, every heartbreak, everything?
Thanks to Google Docs Collaborative Editing Technology, Mr. Lance and I are going to show the “What ifs” as I, Foxxfyrre, play the Diary, and Mr. Lance plays the Diary Writer.
The Diary Writer will be in normal text, and The Diary will be in coloured text. The Diary will also provide all of the images for the post as a visual for its comments.
Oh, and I forgot one what if. What if the diary was a little bit of a smart ass?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today was an interesting day to say the least,  kind of funny now that I think back.
It started out normal, I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, had a shower, got dressed and went to work. But you forgot to shave didn’t ya. Only on my drive to work did I find out that for some reason I was very farty.  Not just a little gassy like one might expect after a night of Mexican food, and Russian Vodka.  A LITTLE GASSY? Yeah right. You still keep me under your pillow like you have all your life. You know how many DUTCH OVENS I had to endure last night?
These were hardcore paint peelers - I had to open all four car windows just to make it to work without passing out.   - LOL, I hope no one ever reads this! Oh, I so hope your mom finds me...Then she’ll know everything Bwahahahahah.

I should have called in sick Should have called in dead. Three week old dead Zombies don’t smell that bad, and they don’t chase after you as fast neither
after the eye watering discovery was made on the drive - bout an hour after I got to work was the Department Head Meeting (everyone showed up today) YUP fifteen of us all huddled around a boardroom table in the Small and crowed Richmond Room. and YUP, you guessed it, still farty.  Although everyone pretended not to notice and put up with it so not to upset the boss, I think they were passing notes and laughing on the inside. They were passing face masks, I’m sure.  The worst part was the end of the meeting when the Boss was presenting the last of the revenues - I let a  five alarm blazer roar and everyone busted out laughing.  Guess the joke was on them cause they soon realized that they had to breath during the laughter - they all had to run out of the room, and some even gaged.  Good thing they like me or I don’t think they would like me anymore.

I can’t believe that I actually wrote about farting but it was a major part of my day. LOL

Went to KFC for lunch and had a Spicy Big Crunch, The girl that made my sandwich was amazingly HOT,  Another addiction of yours, if you’d only learn to cook. God you watch enough Chef Ramses that you should be able to fricassee you own chicken by now. 
I don’t think she was wearing gloves - the chicken tasted kind of different. It was really good but I can not put my finger on the taste - I know it is something I tasted before...  I’ll get back to you if I figure it out...
Eleven herbs and spices, nooooo secret sauce. Haven’t you seen the movie “Waiters”. You got a death wish going on???

The afternoon went awesome, I got a lot of work done in the office. FYI Played World of Warcraft all day didn’t ya? If not, I know you blogged then,
I know you’re keeping another journal. What? You don’t think we talk? I even got hit-on by this sexy looking cougar. she’s in her early forties, but I think she will be an excellent Saturday night date next week - maybe she will teach me how to make french toast Sunday morning!  Lance, Lance, Lance. Don’t you remember your last COUGAR escapade? Yeah she was all that
 Two nights of the Matress Mombo and all that time you kept me tucked right under your pillow. And worse, when she did leave and broke your heart, I had to hear about it for a fortnight. Please, if this one happens, put a sock on every doorknob, and put me in the microwave, preferably on high so I don’t have to hear all that caterwauling. You always were a screamer.  Guess I will let you know how it went!!!   Boo-Yeah!

After work I grabbed a case of beer and turned on the Saskatchewan Roughrider game, they were playing the Calgary Stampeders.  Go Esks, Go Esks! Can’t help it I’m an Edmonton fan. 


Good old green and gold, Yup, and those very cold winter games. You can see those uhmmm pom poms a mile away.
I am so happy the Riders won 43 - 37 In overtime - I was born in Calgary - and now live in Riderville Sask  - I was torn the entire game! but the good guy’s won!!!    

After the game I decided to look through an old box of pictures and crap I had in a shoe box, I found a picture of myself and an old friend when we guest starred on Three's Company

I’m going to tape it here so I don’t loose it!

Anyway Time for bed! - until next time...NO, NO, NOT under the pillow again...Damn it. I hope that KFC wasn’t tainted.

That’s it for Foxxfyrre and Mr. Lance’s Dear Diary Epsode One. We hope you enjoyed our silliness here. In our next episode of Dear Diary, I, Foxxfyrre, will play The Writer, and Mr. Lance will play The Diary. I think he wants revenge for some of the pot shots I took. Tee Hee!

This post was brought to you by Collaborative Real-time Editor. Try it with a blog buddy, It’s fun!

P.S. All of the above is fictitious except the football game in case you were wondering.

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