Saturday, August 27, 2011

BlogBlast4Peace #80 Account Closed

Reason 80
Account Closed!

How would you like a bank account that deposited $86,400.00 into your account every morning that you could spend anyway you would like for that day. There is no charges, no hidden fees, no interest or any other gimmick to get you to join and open an account. At the end of the business day, all unspent funds are removed from your account. If you don't use it today you lose it today. Then the next business day $86,400.00 is redeposited into your account to spend as you wish for that day. I know I would like an account like this, and I'm sure you probably would like one too. The funny thing is we all have this account and it is open 24/7/365 plus an additional day every four years. The currency this bank uses cannot be traded by any Forex Trading Markets, but is still just as valuable as any Dollar, Pound, Euro, Rupie, Zloty, or Yen. The standard unit currency in this bank is 1 second (1s), and the Bank of Day gives you 86,400s every day of your life. I have equated one dollar to one second above to give qualitative value to the second.

So you just recieved your 86,400s deposit into your account, now what are you going to do with it? Just remember, the end of every business day at the Bank of Day your account is emptied. Sure, we spend many of those seconds sleeping, but we need those to recharge our batteries. It's what we do with the balance of seconds that counts. Four hours couch potato-ing for the day is pretty expensive seconds with very little return.

Just in case you don't agree that there is a value to each second, just as there is a value to each dollar and that their worth can be measured and each can fluctuate--

How much is ONE YEAR worth to the university student that just failed core courses?

How much is ONE MONTH worth to the mother that just gave birth to her child prematurely?

How much is ONE WEEK  worth to the editor of a weekly newpaper?

How much is ONE DAY worth to the weary traveller that has been rerouted due to airport closures?

How much is ONE HOUR worth to the young lovers that have to work late on DATE NIGHT? (HINT: Value for young love is minimum of  double time)

How much is ONE MINUTE worth to the cardiac patient during surgery when his heart is stopped?
How much is ONE SECOND worth to the motorcyclist that just missed side-swiping another vehicle due to his quick reflexes?
How much is a SPLIT SECOND worth to an Olympic Skier?
The value of a second fluctuates and has value to the account holder. Initially every second has the same value, but it is how the account holder spends those seconds that creates the value higher or lower for each second spent or squandered. It is because of the value of each of these seconds, that we should not involve ourselves in conflicts, wars, uprisings and such. For every war we get into, it is literally going into the Bank of Day and closing someone else's account--many, many accounts.

We become the Bank of Day's auditors and shut down accounts at will. We can't do that in any other financial institution, so we shouldn't be able to close others accounts in the Bank Of Day either. When we strive for peace, and actively pursue it, we become the Tellers at the Bank of Day greeting everyone with a smile and saying,

"How can we help you today."



Annelisa said...

I guess we have all thought about the value of our time, no more so than those who know their limits, but this is a very interesting and thought- provoking article! In fact, I am going to go away and think about it further...
Question: is there anyway to get interest on the account? :-)
The currency is more valuable than in any other we squander it daily!

FoxxFyrre said...

Hi Annelisa, Thanks for stopping in.
I think that the Bank of Day does provide a variable interest rate. The interest is not collectible as such in our own accounts, but is rather paid or spread to other account holders. Think of it this way, one minute in a dentist chair is agonizing to say the least, and the time you had spent with a tooth ache can drag and be taxing on both performance and even your health. That agonizing minute in a dentist chair may seem to drag and the seconds may seem very expensive, but what about the Dentist. His minute may collect astronomical interest, for after he finishes and tooth ache is gone, every second after is much more valuable and productive for you. And can stay that way as long as you maintain good dental hygiene. In other words, the Dentist's minute has gained very high interest that you collect.
I guess in a way, all interest earned in one account, is payed forward to one or many account holders.

Mimi Lenox said...

These keep getting better. You've given me lots to think about. I can tell that you are ruminating and percolating the peace on a daily basis.
People have told me how blogging these countdown days means to them, how it has changed them.

It's opened up a wonderful discussion in the blogosphere.

FoxxFyrre said...

HI Mimi
And thanks again. I really agree that blogging these countdowns do get the juices flowing. I've noticed the discussions from all over, it really is getting people thinking about peace.

Mimi Lenox said...

I really hope so, Frank.

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