Thursday, November 15, 2012

Okay I know I'm getting older but really !!

It seems that many of my friends and family have been trying to tell me something. My inbox has been flooded with these nice photo reminders. Don't worry, I know who they are and I will get my sweet...Mmmmm, something sweet sounds nice, "Lola, what's the name of that place that serves that peanut and ice cream, and chocolate fudge dish?"

"You mean DQ?"

"No. That Dairy place I like. I'm just telling every one here on Facebook how much I like Star Trek."

 "You're talking about a Peanut Buster at Dairy Queen, and you're not on Facebook you are blogging."

"No, but that sounds nice. Let me just finish this tweet about the elections, I can't wait till they are over."

"The elections are over."

"Really? Al Gore got re-elected didn't he?"

"Al never ran, and was never President,  Obama got in for a second term."

"Oh, then let me just finish this email to Jodi. I want to thank her for this google map to the Senior's Center to go see Mom. Then we'll go to Tim Horton's for a dough-nut and coffee like you said."

"Your Mom's not in a center, she's at home with the puppies."

"Oh, See this picture that Jason Instagrammed on his travels to Colorado?"

"Jason was never in Colorado, and he didn't send it, I did."




But I really did get this photo in my inbox on my birthday. I know where you live John! Bwhahahaha

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