Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Stealing: The (20) First (Questions) Meme Foxxfyrre Style

Welcome to Sunday Stealing

The (20) First (Questions) Meme

Originally hosted by +Bud Weiser, now +Mr Lance has taken the reigns.
This session will be brought to you by my alter egos, 
Foxxfyrre, Dursten Shaw’tz, and Velvet Head. 

First Job:

Dursten: It was while I was Bartending at the Honk’n’Holl’r. This guy sat down at the bar and asked for 4 tequila shooters.
Velvet Head: Yeah, so?
Dursten: I asked him what he was celebrating, and he said it was because of his first--what did he call it...Oh yeah a Job Blow, so I thought I’d buy him a shooter on the house to congratulate him.
Velvet Head: That’s not a ‘real’ job, and you got it backwards.
Dursten: Oh, but he refused the Tequila shot anyway.
Velvet Head: Why would he refuse?
Dursten: I don’t know, but he said if 4 won’t wash the taste out of his mouth, nothing would.

First Real Job:

Foxxfyrre: Myself and all my alter egos are Italian--need I say more?
Dursten and Velvet Head: Shhhh. That’s a ‘Family’ thing.

First Volunteer Job:

Dursten: I was a site marketer to target the optimum addresses for the girls to get the best cookie sales.
Velvet Head: Really. That's cool, how long did that last?
Dursten: One season.
Velvet Head: Why?
Dursten: I got kicked out of Cubs for eating too many Brownies.

First Car:

Foxxfyrre: That’s easy, a Matchbox race set. It came with 3 cars and an oval slotted track for the cars to race in.
Dursten: No it wasn’t, it was a Hot Wheels Set you got for Christmas in 1968. It was the first one that came with a loop and a jump that the cars could go through. It even had a vice clamp so you could clamp the track on anything that was elevated for the cars to start from.
Velvet Head: You are both wrong, it was a Johnny Express flat deck 18-wheeler that was a tethered remote control vehicle. Dad got it for us for Christmas in 1965. Don’t you remember guys--you could stand on the flat deck and still drive it with the remote for it was that durable.

Foxxfyrre: Oh yeah, I remember now. I think we finally got to play with it in the summer of 74, because Dad wouldn’t let it go.

First Record:


Foxxfyrre: Five feet six inches in the High Jump during the Provincial Track meet in Grade Seven.

First Sport Played:
Foxxfyrre: See above.
Velvet Head: Above what?
Foxxfyrre: I mean see previous question.
Velvet Head: I had no previous question.
 Foxxfyrre: I mean the question above this one.
Velvet Head: That's what I asked.
Foxxfyrre: I give up.
Velvet Head: Touchy, touchy.

First Concert:

Foxxfyrre: 1976 April Wine, The Whole World is going Crazy tour.
Velvet Head: And has the whole world gone crazy?
Dursten: Why are you asking Foxx how crazy the world is getting? Just watch one episode of Tosh.O.

First Country Visited:

Dursten: The country and twin Cities of Helium on Barsoom. I had an appointment to see John Carter and Deja Thoris about a bartending position in the Palace of the Jeddak in Lesser Helium. But that was before I accepted the Night Managing position at the Grande Nebulae Hotel and Casino.
Velvet Head: Barsoom?
Dursten: Oh yeah, you Earthers call it Mars.
Foxxfyrre: Wait a minute Dursten, the Barsoom series was written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the same author who created Tarzan. I don’t think you can just barge into someone else’s fiction like that.
Velvet Head: Sure you can Foxx. Me Velvet Head, did Jane--Deal with it.

First Kiss:

Velvet Head: 1976 for their Detroit Rock City Tour. Saw it in Ottawa at the Civic Centre.
Dursten: No, not the band, the girl.
Velvet Head: What makes you think I could get the girl with Gene Simmons’ 12 inch tongue in the house.

First Speech:

Velvet Head: I had to defend my thesis in front of a panel of professors while in University. I did okay, but nerves were running amok.
Foxxfyrre: I know you were really nervous, you even gave Dursten gas pangs.
Dursten: No he didn’t, that was just the burrito we had for lunch. But it did shorten the QandA portion of the presentation. Professor Strand just wanted to get out of the room, even his eyes were watering.

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend:

Foxxfyrre: All my initial trysts didn’t have gender identity problems
Dursten: All your initial trysts didn’t have gender, either.
Velvet Head: They may have had gender, but you can’t call one game of Doctor, and another of Post office as “having a steady”.
Foxxfyrre: Maybe not, but none of them ever had problems licking the stamps afterwards.

First Encounter with a Famous Person:
Bryan Adams 1977. We met the summer of 78.

Foxxfyrre: How about a first encounter with a famous person before they were famous.
Velvet Head: What do you mean?
Foxxfyrre: I mean getting to know a person while they were becoming famous, just shortly before they became big name celebs.
Dursten: Like who?
Foxxfyrre: Bryan Adams.
Dursten: You mean ‘Cut's Like a Knife,’ and 'The Summer of 69' Bryan Adams?
Foxxfyrre: Yes, while he was still the lead singer of Sweeny Todd.
Velvet Head: I remember them, didn’t they sing "Roxy Roller”.
Foxxfyrre: Yes. They were on a club tour and came to the Hotel I was working at. Bryan was too young to remain in the bar when he was not performing. He was only eighteen at the time, and so was I. So we hung around together while I wasn’t working, and he wasn’t on stage.
Dursten: You were both eighteen?
Foxxfyrre: Yes, but he is one day older, he was born on the third of November, I was born on the fourth.
Velvet Head: So why would you call this an 'encounter' with a famous person.
Foxxfyrre: He was a rock star (even that early), and both of us were hanging around a hotel at night. He had groupies, I had looks--need I say more?

First Brush With Death:

Foxxfyrre: Nothing so far...Touch wood.
Velvet Head: Ouch, what did you wrap me on the noggin for Foxx.
Dursten: Bwahahah. That was me, he said touch wood.

First House/Flat Owned:

Foxxfyrre: I have my own cave in Northern Canada.

First Film Seen at a Cinema:

Foxxfyrre: I was a Drive-in baby. On Saturdays, my parents would get ready to go out, and I would get ready for bed, meaning I had to get my pyjamas on. Then we all got into the car and went to the Drive-In--Always a Double Feature on Saturdays. Don’t ask me what movies were playing, for this was a weekly routine, but what I really remember is Mom and Dad both snoring in the front seat, and I had to wake them up for Dad to drive us home. I still have the collection of Drive-In speakers to prove it. (Dad always got startled when I woke him up because the movies were over, and would drive away without taking the speaker out of the window). I think that’s why I am a fan of Science Fiction and Horror B Movies. I still don’t understand why I was the one that had to wear the pyjamas--I actually watched the movies!
Velvet Head: That explains a lot.
Foxxfyrre: What do you mean?
Velvet Head: I just meant, all that time watching Sci-Fi and Horror double features at such an early age probably fostered your vivid imagination, and that’s how we came into being.
Dursten: What’s a Drive-In?

First Media Appearance (Radio, Newspaper, TV):

Foxxfyrre: Was in a TV Commercial for the restaurant I was working at in Ottawa. Just a local thing on a local station, so no thespian career was in the works.

First Hospital Stay:

Foxxfyrre: Birth, but I really don’t remember much.

First Book You Remember Reading:

Foxxfyrre: Gray’s Anatomy. My Mother was a nurse, so there really wasn’t any fictional books to read when I was really young.

First Pet:

Foxxfyrre: My baby sitter, I was six.
Dursten: I think they meant your first animal.
Foxxfyrre: Oh, Black Labrador. His name was Spike.
Velvet Head: Nice cover Foxx.

First Election You Voted In:

Dursten: Voted in favour of the bill that Admiral Archer introduced to instill a Prime Directive of planetary exploration. The Bill led to the foundation of the Federation of Planets.

Foxxfyrre: There you go mixing our fictions again.
Dursten: Can somebody please Beam Foxx out of here. 

That's it for this weeks Sunday Stealing


Mr Lance said...

Haha - That was very funny stuff! But I fear you may need some medication... At least you and your split personality are all sane, no serial killers in that mind of yours I hope. lol funny

Frank Sirianni said...

Thanks Lance,

No serial killers that I know of, but there is a long lineage of "Family" members.


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