Monday, July 10, 2006

For fun and venting, introduction

Let's start by some info that might make this site make some sense to people. I am a night manager of a resonable large hotel within the city. Through the years I've probaly seen just about everything from funny to weird to just aggravating to deal with. Some of which has originated with clientelle incidents, and some of the weird and funny (and aggravating) came from staff incidents. A co-working manager and I have created a little game where we have renamed all working staff and the areas that they work in just so we could talk freely amongst the staff and not have the 'my ears are burning' syndrome. For example, we have one waitress we call Dianne (Dianne Chambers from Cheers), and regular patrons we call Cliff and Norm. And if our conversation has been overheard, they might say "I dont remember that episode", and we'll respond with something of the like "It's the episode where Woody's dad wanted him to return home, you remember". Works like a charm--and sometimes they even respond with bits of an episode that they remember.
This game of ours expanded into email posts, even through netwoked computers at work, and all the while everyone has been clueless about the origin and the scenarios that have been played out.
But now its grown. So much so, that I have worked on creating a whole setting in which I could play out the silliness, and maybe vent a little.

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Mr. Lance said...

I found the First!!! I miss Inn Space!

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