Monday, July 10, 2006

Inn Space


These are the adventures of the swishbuckeling swill-slinger Dursten Sh'awtz. A once well respected, and twice honoured astrophysicist and biomechanical engineer. His discovery and invention of the bionanotech-tachion vacuum lead to winning the esteemed Orion's Belt, and Caprica Bow Prizes for Scientific excellence and achievement. And no, the tachion vacuum is not a ship-maid's newest cleaning device, but rather a subatomic inertial/momentum dampening field creating a force vacuum around any transport. The BTV allows interspacial craft to accelerate under the minute atomic vibrations of the crafts structure and contents by the removal of any outside opposing forces within the field. The laminar flow of all solar tachion emissions allow for directional navigation of the field. Similar to a golf ball through a garden hose, but at hyperC velocities with no need for hazardous and unstable plasma-atomic propellants. His discovery became heralded as the Rocket Science to end the need for Rocket Science. But Dursten's illustrious career came to a screeching halt after political and economic upheaval.

Dursten's discovery and subsequent success was during the leadership of the Timmoni'an/Heinzaan Coalition's provisional government. Although the coalition began as a military coup to overthrow a harsh dictatorship, they realized after attaining power that they would have to form a governing body that was not purely militarized in order to avoid totalitarianism and rebellion. The Coalition formed a tribunal structured provisional government consisting of one member from the military, one citizen, and one member from the professional and science arenas. During Dursten's triumphs as a Scientist, the electorate tribunal consisted of a Timmoni'an, a Turneran, and a Bant'aan. Times could not have been better for Dursten, but there was a darkness brewing on the event horizon.

A small Minhera Class asteroid in the Hungroid System of asteroids known as Szaba-ol Prime always felt betrayed and repressed by the coalition. They believed that their citizens were being used as trade fodder for hard or unwanted labour because the asteroid offered little in way of resource wealth for the coalition. Although there was some truth in the Szaba-olian's view, their plight was mostly fuelled by misinformation and subterfuge of it's own citizens. Not least of which was a half-crazed power hungry Szaba-olian known only as Lehst'r who had despotism and rebellion on his mind. If nothing else, Lehst'r was a charismatic, yet cunning, orator and had the masses of Szab-olians prepped for uprising.

War was swift, calculated, and almost bloodless. The coalition was not prepared, nor believed the propaganda. For they could not believe any members of the commonwealth could be so discontented to go to such extremes. Especially, because of the peace and prosperity enjoyed by their leadership. Naivety was their downfall, and dark times were upon all.

Lehst'r installed himself as sole emperor, and quickly proved to be the full fascist despot he dreamed of becoming. Loyalty was highly priced, but punishment was swift and at an even steeper price. The common luxuries and successes previously enjoyed by commonwealth denizens were stripped and repressed, especially for those that have achieved notoriety within the provisional government.

For Dursten, the darkness had fallen. Reduced of status, wealth, and publicly ridiculed, Dursten was banished from his home world, left to wander the galaxy panhandling for his next meal, which were few and far between. Much time, and many hunger pangs had passed until one fateful day, Dursten hobo-ed a ride in a cargo hold of an interstellar carrier. Fearing of his getting caught, Dursten ditched the transport at one of its loading stops. Hiding out in the receiving area for what seemed like eons, he was finally caught by a couple of loaders and what seemed like a manager of some standing due to his more formal attire. Although Dursten had no idea where he really was, he was quick on his feet and talked the manager out of calling authorities. Further explaining his predicament to the manager, Dursten was able to talk the manager into short time work in exchange for food and possible lodging. The manager took it in good humour for he became aware that Dursten did not realize that he was in the space dock of the only Inn and Casino within light days of the Timmoni'an home world. Prepared for any offering, Dursten took a part time position bartending in the Gran Nebulae Inn's Honk'n'Holl'r Sal'oon. The Gran Nebulae's two black hole rating out of four holes, and a reputation with as much gravity pull, was not well known to Dursten, but Dursten had a feeling that his adventure was just beginning.....



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