Thursday, July 27, 2006

Inn Space, Episode two: Still in editing

Dursten Sha'wtz walks the hallways of Gran Nebulae

(Still In Edit)

Reality File:
------My Vaction must be taking its toll. Getting more emails, and maybe there's a little anxiety for some over my abscence. Red text in email is my additions for clarification:

email follows:
Subject: For God's Sake!!!

I was going to call you !
Did you happen to notice some dumb ass forgot to take the laundry last night ????
I was hopeing you would grab it ??? (Table Cloths, napkins, etc.) Did you ??? I have faith that you have not forgotten how after all these slack ass days of summer ! (I still show up late at night to keep up with the good stuff, and sorry I didn't notice the laundry)
Our new running man (My character Teph'lon Zoot) is so exhausted after getting liquid refreshments for the bridge (Bellman was actually off, not hiding, so Teph had to do all room services), that he has to come and relax in the cave of darkness (our staff area really is dungeonlike) with the head cave cooker (Our Dining Room Chef, character Rosy Mi'Kwaken, she will be introduced in episode 2, Her Duck L'Orange is to die for!) and star waitress (character Mel'lonza r'Ehuge, also intro-ed in Epsode 2), after closing.We cannot yet convince him to indulge in liquid gold (coffee--really!) or the ever sanity saving cancer stick (yeah, we all smoke), but I'm going to predict it won't be long, he will crumble under the pressure !
I'm sure he has a calendar that counts the days till Frank's (Dursten Sha'wtz, er, me) return !
Regards, mug's (Buz'zee Magzwell)
---end of email
My Vents:
-----No vents today, just a gloat or two. I like getting those kind of emails. They do miss me!!

Notes to Readers
-----Normally, I wouln't post until the fictional eposode is ready for posting just to keep the story somewhat parallel with the Reality File, so readers can see how I'm turning real events into a story. I'm actually writing Inn Space: The Adventures of Dursten Sha'wtz on Microsoft Works as one document. I'm cutting and pasting each episode into the Blog's editor and then adding the Reality File, My Vents and Notes to Readers sections. Blogger posts in a newest to oldest post format which puts the fiction in reverse order. If you would like to read the document which is in straight format without the added sections, just drop a note in the most current episode's comment, and I'll email the document to you. I tend to get kinda busy at times, but I will get to your requests.
Another reason I'm posting is cuz I got a 2-4-1 shot today. Foxxfyrre's Honk'nHoll'r made bestest blog of the day Thanks Bobby, and my art blog Foxxfyrre's Black and White Art Blog, made the Canadian spot on A World of Bloggers, Thanks Reeholio. Typeing here with my bottle of Grande Marnier and havin a double (maybe two). Cheers guys.

till then,


R2K said...

Cool page : )

dmckay said...

Love the blog, I'll back.
PS found ya on the "Bestest Blog" site.

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