Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Inn Space, Episode two: Still on Editor's desk

Dursten Sha'wtz walks the hallways of Gran Nebulae

(In edit)

Reality File
-----Eventhought I'm on holidays till the end of the month, things do happen
-----Recieved email memo from Department Head who I describe as Buz'zee Magzwell
email is as follows

This a memo to all staff and non staff, and anyone else who may need to know.
These new policies must be followed to the letter.
Any infractions by staff or customers will not be tolerated, and could result in days off with minimal contact with the outside world.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Nobody in particular
Pass'es Le" Buckets
---end email text
---Attachment followed email

----End Attachment
----I think she found this Blog

My Vents:
----Not really a vent, but I found this funny because I recieved the email above an hour after I posted episode one. So I know she read it first, because I placed her on Blog send from this site

Note's to Readers:
----I want to thank Bobby Griffin for choosing this site for Best Blog of the Day. Without BBOD, I think us 'newbie' bloggers might get lost in Blog Space somewhere--that would be a whole 'nother story. Hmmm, but now the pressures really on to get Dursten Sha'wtz's adventures to the presses. (Should that last statement have been in My Vents section?)

Thanks All
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Reeholio said...

Hello again Frank,

Congratulations! I have just finished adding your black and white art blog to the Canada spot at A World of Bloggers, as I thought yours was the best from the many submitted. I then decided to come and check out who won today's bestest blog award and SNAP, there you are again. Good on you! Two great blogs. Keep up the good work.



Andrew said...

Yes, the pressure is on now! All those Bestest visitors coming by, wanting some tasty prose served up. Is this a case of being careful what you ask for, cause you just might get it?

Congrats on being Bestest!

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