Monday, October 30, 2006

Honk'n'Holl'r Cast of Loonies and other treats

Honk'n'Holl'r Cast of Loonie Characters
I just figured that it was time for a little introductions to the real characters that I use in Inn Space, The Adventures of Dursten Sha'wtz
Note, only their real first names and/or nicknames are used along with their character's names in the Inn Space Fiction. This is to protect Frank's left, or right one, or Both! You know what I mean! These were taken one night, after closing, in our Dining Room that is commonly reffered to as the cave for I was in a devilish mood. And just as described in earlier episodes, those are coffees we're drinking, and yes you'll see cigarettes too.

First and formost is Maggie, better known as Mugs. Her character in Innspace is Buz'zee Magswell. And yes, Mugs does really send the emails to me that I use in the Real Communications, Really section of the Inn Space episodes.

This is Lance, who in real life is Maggie's son.
He doesn't work with us, but he does work at that other place that I refer to as the Quantum Inn for that evil Leh'ster. He is the character that recruited Mel'lonza r'Ehuge to work at the Quantum. She didn't take the offer!

This is Ruth. She is our real Dining room Chef, that I refer to as Rosy Mi'kwaken
It was a busy night in the cave, but she was ready to get me, not for the camera, but I simply asker her if she did any work tonight! Looks can kill.

Tolby, The Bellman
This is approximately three years after his tragic scoot-jumper accident. He took up fitness to help with his long recovery, but is consciensious about being photographed for his calf muscle penis transplant surgery did take, but left him permanently disfigured. Appearently, Tolby did return to school, and is now a government official overseeing one of Leh'ster's satelite colonies. Far cry from that "Doh tee doh tee doh" bumbling bellman we once knew! He has still got the hots for Mel'lonza though. For he kepps leaving notes and flowers telling her "Ah'll be back," but she still wants nothing to do with him.

This is Steve. The character of Teph'lon Zoot is very loosely based on him. Because Inn Space will eventually encompass all of my hospitality career, no matter where I worked, Teph will be the Assistant GM even if the Assistant was really a different person at the time. And no, he didn't hire me (or Dursten) to work at the Gran Nebulae (or my real hotel)

Lance and Ruth inside the Honk'n'Holl'r (no that's not the bars real name, but all of us have come to affectionately call it that). Lance looks like he is in recruting mode, I smell a conspiracy. Must alert Teph, and Buz'zee, they'll fix him.

And last, but not least, me. Or should I say Foxxfyrre, or is it Velvet Head. No it's Dursten Sha'wtz.
Yes, I've always got to be horsin around, or was I tryin to keep awake---no, it must be gas.

Real Communications: Really!

Subject: Invasion has started
As you may realize after your many days in service, we will now be approaching what is known as our RunnethAmuckith Season, this has been a long standing tradition with our community. You must prepare mentally for this event as it can be very stressful. (I will provide necessary drugs). We can only hope you have the stamina to survive this onslaught. As we have all new personal and inexperienced drones it will be a long haul, as most are suffering from a new virus call growingpainitis, we cannot find a cure as yet. I will provide you with the right tools to do the job, but after that you are pretty much on your own.
If you steer clear of Kym'tas Trophy, and such matters you should be fine. In your absence on Monday P.M. I must also inform you that my cave has been invaded by Que'nesh and her entourage Zoot... This carried on untill the wee hours of the AM. She has partaken of an after hours meal and offered me the dreaded POUTINE which I had to pretend to enjoy on her behalf. Our smoking and coffee session has been invaded and she seems to want to become closer to us. We must be on our toes at all times. Rosy, our beloved chef, ran off into the night and did not stay to help out, that is borderline treason, so watch this women closely in the future. Zoot will require much more guidance, as he is starting to wander aimlessly amoung the hall's ? His trail always draw's him towards the cave, as he is lost perhaps ! I will start our first session on Tues. PM and make sure you are available to discuss these concerns.

Buz'zee Mugswell
P.S. I do not feel I should have to get my own black gold at night, so train Zoot ASAP
Re: Subject: Invasion has started

Hi Buz'zee

Sounds like you've had fun in my absence of a day. Hmm! Maybe there is a future for me afterall. I'd like to see these invaders run amok while I'm on duty, or wait, are they really running, you know how winded I get. So Que'nesh has invaded the cave, it was inevitable that she would find our haunt. Speaking of haunts, has Chester been acting up too. He's been rather quite lately, for the lifts haven't stopped at any level they felt like, and he's been leaving the night auditors alone too. Teph, well that's another matter. I'm not sure that I can train him to provide black gold sustinence on que, but I'm sure he'll want it provided too.
Kym'tas Trophy, well, she tries and maybe sometime, but not now, she will succeed without err.
Well, we'll see what I can do, and sorry about the dreaded POUTINE, I know how that can be!

Tomorrow Mugs
----End of Emails---

Monday, October 23, 2006

Around The World in Eighty Clicks With Mimi and Friends

Wow, this has definitely been quite a week. Mimi's Peace Globe is growing rapidly for Nov 7th is approaching quickly. Mimi recently told me in an email that she gets goose bumps when she sees a new globe come her way. So do I! I can't think of anything that I could be happier about helping someone with. After creating the galleries to house my art and the wonderful graffiti walls all you great bloggers created, I couldn't have been happier to create the peace Globe gallery as well. If you've made a Peace Globe and want it placed in the gallery you can use either submit links on this blog (in the Title at the top, or in my side bar), or on my Art blog as well. You can also email your globe to myself or Mimi directly. Mimi and I are confirming each others list of Peace Globes so that we don't miss anyone.

Anyone that is familiar with Mimi's Blog (Blogs!) know that she has the informal title of "Queen of Memes" and she has used her 'royal moniker' to help get the word out about Peace Globes by starting a Peace Globe Meme. So to all GraffitiMyBlog wonderful Rebel artist friends that have submitted a wall (and those that are still pending--sorry I have gotten a little behind) your tagged! And it's an easy meme to do just send this link to other blog authors you know.

On November 7th, I will be going to all blogs that have posted their Dona Nobis Pacem blog post, if you are already a GMB Rebel Artist, I'll add a link directly from your Graffiti Wall posts under Foxxfyrre's Updates and Favorites at Foxxfyrre's Black and White Art Blog to your Dona Nobis Pacem posting. For those bloggers that haven't created a Graffiti Wall as yet but have created a Peace Globe--well we'll see what I can do for you on my Nov 7th post. I'm sure I can come up with something.

If you do want a sidebar link to the gallery for your site or posting, just let Mimi know or post a comment here and we will send the code for the Peace Globe Gallery as well.

You might want to stop by Billy Mac's Critique My Blog for he has generously donated his Rent This Space to Mimi for her Peace Globe effort. And according to Billy's figures, if only 1 percent of 70,000,000 current blogs participate that equates to 700,000 blogs with Peace Globe postings.

So I figure if all of those posts submit a Globe to the Gallery that comes to...
divided by max pics in gallery....
carry the 3....
conjugate the radical...
integrate by the cosine of Pi squared...
multiply(x) by the slope of the tangent line(t) incident to equator(E)...
minus 6(x(Lambda(t^1/3)) *2 E(sine^2(Theta(t^2))))...
plus 1....
.....equals a heck of a lot of Picasa web galleries to house Peace Globes.

(Mimi my head hurts---me old man whining about having to do math :-) ).

[Note to self--don't put a smiley near an end bracket in a bracketed sentence, makes it look like it has a double chin!]

But I'm ready, keep those Peace Globes Rollin in...Dona Nobis Pacem-Grant Us Peace

No you're not seeing double. I made the above post for both my blogs. I didn't want to just add a link to the post on my art site because I think Mimi's Peace Globe project is too important.

Seeing that this is my writing blog, I thought that this would be the appropriate place to post a meme that I was tagged with by, you guessed it, Mimi of Mimi Writes. In this meme, I'm supposed to simply list 9 wierd things about me. So let me see if I can narrow it down to just nine.

1. I have a weird fear of heights. I can climb on ladders, I can climb trees (well when I was younger), I can take glass elevators up very tall buildings. I've been in helicopters, jets, and all sorts of small planes. I even want Dr. Moller's flying car, but when I'm in a movie theatre and the camera pans over tall buildings looking down to the street, I get wierded out and feel that I'm going to fall.

2. I dont drive. No I didn't lose my license, I've never had a full drivers license. I'm the only person I know that has had his learners permit renewed 12 times. I only use it for ID purposes, but I've accidentally let it expire, but the lady at the License Bureau just says Oh it's you, and stamps me a new one. I can drive, and I'm a good driver, but I just don't feel the need. Unless I earn enough money to buy the Flying car on Ebay!

3. I don't have Triskaidekaphobia, even if you consider the christian roots to it. I learned of the roots of the fear of the number 13 many years ago in school, and even the Judas curse, but that's not it for me. I will miscalculate a tall building and stop at the 15th floor when I was supposed to be on the 14th, because they took the 13th floor out. And if I have to stop at Office 1618, well you guessed it I'll find 1619, because they took out 1613 too! And if I'm only on the 5th floor and have to go to suite 542, well it's just pure hell, because I'd think I've got them now cuz I'm lower than the 13th floor and they'll have to have a 513--but they dont! So I think its more of a fear of the lack of the number thirteen so I must have antitriskaidekaphobia!

4. I have a wierd sense of time. I wear a watch, but I seem to know what time it is within a couple of minutes no matter how busy I've been, or how long it's been since I looked at a clock.

5. I love Centaurs, I don't know why, but I do. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I always thought that I'd like to come back as a centaur. At least then I could really say I was hun...oh-- nevemind. Where was I. Yes, Number six.

6. When I was really young (don't laugh, I can remember back then) I really thought that Dogs were male, and Cats were female. I think it may have had something to do with the word feline which I associated with the word female. And talk about confusing, it sent me for a loop when my mother would talk about her sisters as being those "Catty Bit@*%s"

7. I have a knack of finding almost anything someone has written and putting a risque spin on it. I think I may have picked it up from skits that Steve Allen would do in his comedy routines. He used to take song lyrics or prose and say them aloud. He would change the punctuations and pauses in the lyrics or prose that he was reading to add to the comedic effect. You should hear me recite an interdepartment memo!

8. I like math.

9. I like nightmares. Most of the ones I can that remember a bit of. When I have nightmares, they are really intriguing. They have a plot, they usually make sense and follow some kind of theme or motif. Most of my nightmares aren't hackem-slashem types, or falling dreams, but seem to be real eerie stories, almost Hitchcockian, that I just can't remember quite well enough to write down. They do get vague and foggy very quickly after I wake up. If I could, Stephen King, move over.

Now to tag others, I'll have to see who hasn't done this meme yet, I know I'm a little late with it.

Urgent, Urgent, incoming transmition from Buz'zee Magswell

---email start---

Subject: Dursten,we have a problem!

We must stop running New York Steak specials in the cave, as we have no way of hiding ourselves (no curtains). Every low life red-neck is starting to hang around.These 'people' have no class and cannot keep being let in amoungst the upper class.

Rumors will start and then our reputation will suffer.
They will not eat Caesar and are known to only want steak specials... And the they show up with discount cards?
Take care of this problem ASAP.

Re: Subject: Dursten we have a problem

Relax Buz'zee! I will get to this. They don't have reservations, so refusing to let them in shouldn't be a problem. Chef has prepared a beefy smorg in the Event Horizon Cafe where I'll allow them to use their discount cards for the smorg. This should do it, I mean I just can't throw them a bone so to speak, they are paying customers and we are here to serve.

Dursten Out.

----end of email---

Friday, October 13, 2006

Frantic Friday II: First Attemp!

Just got the word. My first attempt at Friday Flash Fiction tied for first!! Yeah us! Yeah Jo Pressimone for her entry "Have Another Cookie" which tied with my entry. Yeah Gem for starting Friday Flash! You can read all of the entries for Friday Flash at I really am excited about this. Until I started this blog, I've really never written anything other than dry work reports, let alone writing any fiction. Wow, I'm just...WOW! So now I get to post it finally, I've had it sitting in draft since submitting it to Gale, and waited nervously for the results to come in. Gale, I think I've caught the writing bug! Another use for a pencil---who'd a thunk.
(I actually do write freehand first, me tpynig stniks. Writing freehand alows me to write at work when I'm not too busy. I use blank termination forms, that way staff leaves me alone too! :-) )

Hope you enjoy:

Dark Destiny

I was a teacher, Chiron, the wisest of the Centaurs. I taught the Gods. I taught Achilles, Jason, and Heracles. And I taught Man. My father, a Titan. My Mother, a Nymph. I was different than the rest. I was immortal. I had the power to heal, and had the power to see. I gave my existence to free Prometheus.

I had my place in the heavens. How I miss Mt Pelion. How I miss Thessaly. How I miss.

For it's darkness now. That is my existence. I no longer light up the heavens. Brought out of my blackened pit only to toil. A new master, for I am the new puppet. Where's the Titans now. Where are the Gods? Do you suffer the new task master as I? Or do you hide in the heavens. When I'm brought out of the pit to work, I feel your connection, I feel your power course through my being. Oh Zeus why do you let us suffer so? Is your lightening only to ease my work? Is that all the power you have left? For I cannot heal myself to ease my pain. I cannot see in the darkness for what is to come. Or are you puppets as well as I, just sharing your strength so we will all endure the darkness and the toil.

Why did I teach Man? I am a seer. I knew they would learn and find their potential. I knew they would outgrow us, no longer have faith and believe in us. But I didn't know that once they’d outgrow us, we would change. I could only see that in which believes in us, all else is darkness. A darkness misunderstood. A darkness that was our destiny. A darkness that was us.

"Okay boys, move your feet, I'm trying to vacuum here."
"Okay mom," said one of the boys as they both got off the couch.
"You too, honey. Move it or you can vacuum the rest."
"No, I'll go do something else. I don't like that vacuum."
"What, my Centaur! It's still got a few good years left in it."
"Maybe! When your done, I'll put it back in the closet."

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chester and Finnigan: A Friendly Haunting

Two things happened to me this past few days that made me start a massive rewrite to episode 5 of Inn Space, and I recieved an email challenge to write a small short story. I looked at both of these and decided that I would use the challenge to write a little background story for a character, named Chester, that I'm going to introduce in the Inn Space fiction. The writing challenge was sent to me from Gem from her blog L'esprit de l'escalier and the writing contest is called Frantic Friday Flash. I didn't enter the contest this time, but thinking about how the contest worked, I thought it would be a good way to present my character's back story. The writing challenge is based on a random word which must be contained within the story, and the entry must be 350 words or less. I thought this challenge would give me a chance to grease my wheels for when I do submit a story for this challenge.

The word for this entry was 'sleeve', and the following story is based on a real person who left quite an impact on my life, although I have changed his name. I hope you enjoy the story, and look for Chester's appearances in future episodes of Inn Space:

Chester and Finnigan
A Friendly Haunting

It was my first bar shift. I had been working for the hotel for about eight months already, but I have finally turned legal age to work in the bar. The money is better working in the bar, but that wasn't why I was excited. I'm legal now. No more damn Cafe waitering for me. No more slinging hash, cleaning up after babies that the parents have ignored at the table. No more listening to the chronic-complaining-nit-pickers that complain about the food they recieved to try to get a free meal, and saying that the food was so much better last time. Or having to hear that over-used-eraser-phrase, "And we always eat here." Of course they always eat here, because if they bitch loud enough to the wrong server at the right time, the management will buy thier meal. But no more of that, it's bar all the way now.

I was early for my first shift. Not by much, but still early. I signed out my float at the desk, loaded my hip changer with quarters, dimes and nickels. I ran through the whole bar wiping and setting tables with ashtrays and tent cards for specials. I had taken the bar menu home weeks earlier, and was sure I had prices and items committed to memory. I didn't think I could be any better prepared. Robert, my bartender, was also ready to open the bar. He hadn't said much to me, but he made himself busy stocking beer shelves, mixing juices, checking liquor stocks, and cutting fruit for garnish. But we were ready to open now, and now he just stood over the till looking at the clock. 10:28 am. it read, and that meant that there was still two minutes before we could open the doors. Two minutes that felt like an eternity. Nothing to do. Nothings to say. Just wait.

I wasn't the only person that was anxious for the bar to open either. You could hear the rattling of the front doors from customers checking to see if it was open yet. Robert seemed to take it in stride, but I was near bursting at the seams. The clock was just not moving fast enough. He just stood there, over the till, quietly waiting. Finally, he turned looked directly at me and said "Open her up." He had a slight smile on his face. I think that he knew how anxious I was to get rolling. Off I went to open the doors.

There was only one person at the entrance when I opened the door. He was a tall, thin gray-haired man about sixty years of age. "Good Morning," I said with my bright over excited smile. Paying me no never mind, he darted right past me and sat at a table against the center of the far wall of the bar. I walked toward him, tray in hand, and I noticed that he had already, and carefully placed a two quarters and two dimes in a neat row on the table. "Good Morning," I repeated in case he just didn't hear me the first time, "What'll it be today." I asked eventhough I could tell what he wanted by the exact change on the table.

"Two pints," he said and mumbled something which sounded like "No, I've got it," but I couldn't be sure exactly what he had said. By the stern look on his face, I thought better of asking him what he said and just turned and went to the bar for his order.

Nearly running to the bar, excited about my first order, I placed my tray on the bar and said to Robert, "Draw two, please."

Robert immediately grabbed two chilled mugs, turned on the draught tap, and said, "Seventy cents," which I quickly flung from my hip changer almost gunslinger fast.

As quickly as I got to the bar, I returned to my customer's table with my draught trophies, and placed both mugs in front of the gentleman. "I don't want those," he said sharply. "I want two pints of draught in sleeves, Boy, and bring me a chess board. Finnigan and I want to have a game. You tell Cupcake up there to quit fucking around and pour my beer properly. He knows that the handles on those mugs can knock over the chessmen."

"Cupcake?" I asked, really wanting to know what that nickname was about.

"Yes Cupcake, your bartender, don't you know nothin' Boy. That's what Finnigan calls him 'cause he's always sweet on the girls. Sweet as a damn cupcake."

"Well, it is my first day," I responded wanting to hear more, but he just started to mumble again. I picked up the two mugs of beer and returned to the bar. I noticed that Robert was already pouring two pints of beer in sleeves, and not only had a smile on his face, but was in near giggles. I now knew, that between Robert and my customer, I was in the middle of some practical 'get the new guy' joke.

Robert took the two pints I brought back, and handed me the two sleeves and still had that smirk on his face, but I really wasn't sure why. I turned and started walking toward my customer and noticed that he seemed to be pointing and talking to the empty chair across the table from him. I slowed my return to the table to observe what I thought the customer was doing, and I then remembered that he had asked for a chess board. I kept watching him, as I went to get it, but he noticed my slower approach to the table and hollered, "Hurry it up, Boy! We're getting thirsty!"

"We?" I thought to myself. I then realized that he is not just talking to himself, he's got an imaginary friend. "My first customer, and I have to get a weird one," I thought almost aloud, but I bit my tongue for fear that I may drop a smart ass comment in his direction.  I felt that I needed to play this out a bit more. "Here's your two sleeves and your chessboard, sir. That'll be seventy cents please."

"Money's on the table Velvet Head. Just pick it up. I ain't handin' it to you."

"Very well, and thank you,' I said as politely as possible.

As I reached for the neatly place change, I thought "Velvet Head?' but I didn't realize that I had actually said it loud enough for him to hear me (I really do need to keep my outside voice in check).

"Yes, Velvet Head. Finnigan thinks that your short hair looks like black velvet."

A little surprised  but now finding the whole thing quite funny, I turned to the empty seat and said, "And thank you too, Finnigan. My girlfriend says it feels like velvet too." From that moment, my customer's whole demeanour and attitude changed. He looked up and smiled at me and then introduced himself as Chester. He said that he had been coming to this bar for quite a while and was mostly treated poorly or completely ignored. He said that I was the first polite waiter he has had in a while, most just leave him alone. I thanked him again and excused myself for more customers were coming in.

I took orders from other customers, dropped off their drinks and collected their money, but I kept a keen eye on Chester while I served the other customers. He had set up his chess board, and started to play. He would make a move, have a sip from his beer, and make a smart-ass comment towards Finnigan's empty chair. He would get up out of his seat, sit back down in Finnigan's chair, and then make a chess move. His actions, and even his speech seemed to change as if he was talking as Finnigan. He would then take a sip of the beer that he had placed in front of Finnigan's chair, and then point to where Chester was sitting and say something like, "Take that you prick, you won't win this one now will ya!". Then he would get up again and sit back down in his own chair and start the process over.

I had noticed that Robert's smiling-at-me-phase had ended, and now it was more like he was curious about me. I was at the bar getting a round for a couple of tables when I finally asked Robert what the deal was with Chester. Before Robert answered my question, he had asked what I had said to Chester, because he seemed a little tame today. I told him what I had done at the table, and even mentioned that I acknowledged Finnigan by thanking him too. "Strange," Robert said. "Usually, he just gets ruder with a new server. He never introduces himself to them."

"Yes, he did seem to get a little friendlier after. He even told me your nickname was Cupcake."

"That old fart. He's got most of the customers, and all of the staff calling me that." Robert continued to tell me that Chester was a prominent lawyer in town until about eight years ago. Finnigan was his law partner with the firm. Chester was taking his wife, his two children and Finnigan on a camping trip to British Columbia to see the Kakwa Falls. It was raining, and on a narrow gravel road, a logging truck started to lose its load as it was trying to pass Chester's Motor home RV. Chester was driving, and everyone else was near the back of the RV sitting around the table. The logging truck rolled. The truck and the unbalanced load completely crushed the rear of Chester's RV. Chester's entire family, and his friend and partner were killed instantly in the accident.  Chester has always blamed himself for the accident. A few months after the accident, Chester gave up his law firm and started to come into the bar every morning. And, yes he brought Finnigan with him, but we just thought he had gone a little crazy at first. Now it just seems that it is his way of atoning for the accident. "You might want to check his table again Velvet Head, I think he wants another round." Robert said laughing.

"Okay, Cupcake," I said smartly, knowing now that my new nickname is going to stick. I approached Chester's table and noticed that both of the sleeves were empty, and he had again placed money neatly on the table, but instead of two quaters, and two dimes in a row he now had two pairs of quarters and dimes placed in front of himself, and another set neatly placed in front of Finnigan's chair as if Finnigan was also going to buy a round. Chester was also agitated when I approached the table.

"No, you're not buying! I told you I was buying this round," Chester said heatedly to the empty chair. "Thank's Velvet Head, we'll have another round, but take my money not Finnigan's."

I went and got two more sleeves, brought them over, and took only Chester's money leaving Finnigan's exactly were it was.

I continued to serve other tables and bantered with Cupcake a bit to try to get to know my co-worker better. About a half and hour later, I heard a loud slam of a beer glass on a table and turned to see Chester rise up from his seat and storm out of the bar. I went over to the table to clean it, and noticed that Chester's own beer had been finished, but Finnigan's beer was left untouched. The money that was neatly placed in-front of Finnigan, was now neatly placed in-front of Chester's chair. From the position of the men on the chess board, it was Check Mate in favour of Finnigan. "Sad," I thought aloud thinking that Chester was still punishing himself after all of these years.

I worked the bar for a couple of years after that first day-shift. After training for a couple of weeks on days, I was moved to evening waiter. That was where the real money was to be made, but I still did work a couple of day-shifts a week. Any day-shift that I would work, Chester was always my first customer, always checked the door before the bar opened, and always took the same seat, and have the exact change neatly placed. Chester would always have the same argument about who was to pay for the second round of beer. Chester always lost the chess game to Finnigan, and Finnigan would never touch his second beer, pissing Chester off until Chester would storm out of the bar. But I got to know Chester, and I got to like Chester (Velvet Head nickname aside---and it stuck). I quit working the bar after a couple of years to work at a new night club that opened up. Shortly after starting there, I heard that Chester had passed away quietly in his sleep one night. I knew that I would miss that daily routine of his and Finnigan's.

Five years later....

I had been working in the new club since I left the bar. Things had gone very well for me there, and I was quickly promoted to Club Manager. One morning as I was doing the bank deposits for club, there was a detour in the road due to construction that led me past my old hotel. After I finished the banking, I thought I'd go into the bar. I heard that they had renovated, and I was curious to see what they had done. As I walked in, I noticed all the upgrading. There was new themed lighting for the stage, which had also been expanded to accommodate larger bands. A few tables were removed to allow for a larger dance floor, but most noticeable was the change of the bar itself. It had been expanded to allow for seating at the bar, before it was only a service bar for the wait staff. I went right up and sat down at the bar. The bartender asked me what I would like and I asked for a pint of draught. "Could you put it in a sleeve, please?" I added.

The bartender placed it in front of me and said, "That'll be Three seventy-five, please".

I passed him a five dollar bill, and told him to keep the difference. I asked the bartender if Robert still worked here, but the bartender didn't know a Robert. Then I thought, "How about Cupcake, does he still work here?" The bartender said that he had moved away about a year ago. I looked around the bar and noticed a large plaque behind the bar. The plaque was a picture of Chester and Finnigan from sometime when they practised law together. The plaque also had a ledge that had two etched pint sleeves with their names on it. On the very front of the plaque was a brass engraving that said 'Friends Forever'. I asked the bartender if he knew when that plaque was put up. "That thing, oh, about four or five years ago. Way before I started here. I can't stand the thing. It creeps me out."

"Why?" I asked.

"Every night, when we close, that plaque looks exactly as you see it now. Every morning when I open the bar, and unlock the back bar gate, the glass you see marked Chester is dirty, and looks like it just had a beer drank from it 'cause it's even wet inside. It even smells like beer. The glass that is marked Finnigan is completely full of beer, but looks like it hasn't been drank from, and the beer is still cold. There is even a head on the beer when I open the gate. It's impossible to get that way, even if someone wanted to do it as a prank, because the whole plaque gets locked up behind the drop down gate. It's just too weird. Really gives me the willies."

"That's only because Chester still hasn't forgiven himself for the accident."


"Long story."

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween

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