Monday, October 23, 2006

Around The World in Eighty Clicks With Mimi and Friends

Wow, this has definitely been quite a week. Mimi's Peace Globe is growing rapidly for Nov 7th is approaching quickly. Mimi recently told me in an email that she gets goose bumps when she sees a new globe come her way. So do I! I can't think of anything that I could be happier about helping someone with. After creating the galleries to house my art and the wonderful graffiti walls all you great bloggers created, I couldn't have been happier to create the peace Globe gallery as well. If you've made a Peace Globe and want it placed in the gallery you can use either submit links on this blog (in the Title at the top, or in my side bar), or on my Art blog as well. You can also email your globe to myself or Mimi directly. Mimi and I are confirming each others list of Peace Globes so that we don't miss anyone.

Anyone that is familiar with Mimi's Blog (Blogs!) know that she has the informal title of "Queen of Memes" and she has used her 'royal moniker' to help get the word out about Peace Globes by starting a Peace Globe Meme. So to all GraffitiMyBlog wonderful Rebel artist friends that have submitted a wall (and those that are still pending--sorry I have gotten a little behind) your tagged! And it's an easy meme to do just send this link to other blog authors you know.

On November 7th, I will be going to all blogs that have posted their Dona Nobis Pacem blog post, if you are already a GMB Rebel Artist, I'll add a link directly from your Graffiti Wall posts under Foxxfyrre's Updates and Favorites at Foxxfyrre's Black and White Art Blog to your Dona Nobis Pacem posting. For those bloggers that haven't created a Graffiti Wall as yet but have created a Peace Globe--well we'll see what I can do for you on my Nov 7th post. I'm sure I can come up with something.

If you do want a sidebar link to the gallery for your site or posting, just let Mimi know or post a comment here and we will send the code for the Peace Globe Gallery as well.

You might want to stop by Billy Mac's Critique My Blog for he has generously donated his Rent This Space to Mimi for her Peace Globe effort. And according to Billy's figures, if only 1 percent of 70,000,000 current blogs participate that equates to 700,000 blogs with Peace Globe postings.

So I figure if all of those posts submit a Globe to the Gallery that comes to...
divided by max pics in gallery....
carry the 3....
conjugate the radical...
integrate by the cosine of Pi squared...
multiply(x) by the slope of the tangent line(t) incident to equator(E)...
minus 6(x(Lambda(t^1/3)) *2 E(sine^2(Theta(t^2))))...
plus 1....
.....equals a heck of a lot of Picasa web galleries to house Peace Globes.

(Mimi my head hurts---me old man whining about having to do math :-) ).

[Note to self--don't put a smiley near an end bracket in a bracketed sentence, makes it look like it has a double chin!]

But I'm ready, keep those Peace Globes Rollin in...Dona Nobis Pacem-Grant Us Peace

No you're not seeing double. I made the above post for both my blogs. I didn't want to just add a link to the post on my art site because I think Mimi's Peace Globe project is too important.

Seeing that this is my writing blog, I thought that this would be the appropriate place to post a meme that I was tagged with by, you guessed it, Mimi of Mimi Writes. In this meme, I'm supposed to simply list 9 wierd things about me. So let me see if I can narrow it down to just nine.

1. I have a weird fear of heights. I can climb on ladders, I can climb trees (well when I was younger), I can take glass elevators up very tall buildings. I've been in helicopters, jets, and all sorts of small planes. I even want Dr. Moller's flying car, but when I'm in a movie theatre and the camera pans over tall buildings looking down to the street, I get wierded out and feel that I'm going to fall.

2. I dont drive. No I didn't lose my license, I've never had a full drivers license. I'm the only person I know that has had his learners permit renewed 12 times. I only use it for ID purposes, but I've accidentally let it expire, but the lady at the License Bureau just says Oh it's you, and stamps me a new one. I can drive, and I'm a good driver, but I just don't feel the need. Unless I earn enough money to buy the Flying car on Ebay!

3. I don't have Triskaidekaphobia, even if you consider the christian roots to it. I learned of the roots of the fear of the number 13 many years ago in school, and even the Judas curse, but that's not it for me. I will miscalculate a tall building and stop at the 15th floor when I was supposed to be on the 14th, because they took the 13th floor out. And if I have to stop at Office 1618, well you guessed it I'll find 1619, because they took out 1613 too! And if I'm only on the 5th floor and have to go to suite 542, well it's just pure hell, because I'd think I've got them now cuz I'm lower than the 13th floor and they'll have to have a 513--but they dont! So I think its more of a fear of the lack of the number thirteen so I must have antitriskaidekaphobia!

4. I have a wierd sense of time. I wear a watch, but I seem to know what time it is within a couple of minutes no matter how busy I've been, or how long it's been since I looked at a clock.

5. I love Centaurs, I don't know why, but I do. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I always thought that I'd like to come back as a centaur. At least then I could really say I was hun...oh-- nevemind. Where was I. Yes, Number six.

6. When I was really young (don't laugh, I can remember back then) I really thought that Dogs were male, and Cats were female. I think it may have had something to do with the word feline which I associated with the word female. And talk about confusing, it sent me for a loop when my mother would talk about her sisters as being those "Catty Bit@*%s"

7. I have a knack of finding almost anything someone has written and putting a risque spin on it. I think I may have picked it up from skits that Steve Allen would do in his comedy routines. He used to take song lyrics or prose and say them aloud. He would change the punctuations and pauses in the lyrics or prose that he was reading to add to the comedic effect. You should hear me recite an interdepartment memo!

8. I like math.

9. I like nightmares. Most of the ones I can that remember a bit of. When I have nightmares, they are really intriguing. They have a plot, they usually make sense and follow some kind of theme or motif. Most of my nightmares aren't hackem-slashem types, or falling dreams, but seem to be real eerie stories, almost Hitchcockian, that I just can't remember quite well enough to write down. They do get vague and foggy very quickly after I wake up. If I could, Stephen King, move over.

Now to tag others, I'll have to see who hasn't done this meme yet, I know I'm a little late with it.

Urgent, Urgent, incoming transmition from Buz'zee Magswell

---email start---

Subject: Dursten,we have a problem!

We must stop running New York Steak specials in the cave, as we have no way of hiding ourselves (no curtains). Every low life red-neck is starting to hang around.These 'people' have no class and cannot keep being let in amoungst the upper class.

Rumors will start and then our reputation will suffer.
They will not eat Caesar and are known to only want steak specials... And the they show up with discount cards?
Take care of this problem ASAP.

Re: Subject: Dursten we have a problem

Relax Buz'zee! I will get to this. They don't have reservations, so refusing to let them in shouldn't be a problem. Chef has prepared a beefy smorg in the Event Horizon Cafe where I'll allow them to use their discount cards for the smorg. This should do it, I mean I just can't throw them a bone so to speak, they are paying customers and we are here to serve.

Dursten Out.

----end of email---


Mimi Lenox said...

That was one of the most interesting memes I've ever read. Very revealing. Nightmares like that come because you are creative and that drawing is trying to manifest itself. At least that's my unprofessional opinion. I sometimes dream about music that way and hear complicated compositions but can't remember a darn thing when I wake up.

Anonymous said...

That was a really interesting meme, Frank. Mimi tagged me, too (I think?), and I just didn't think I had enough interesting things to say about myself. But you have inspired me to think outside the box. Plus, at this juncture, because I have to write my flash entry this week, I have no other creative ideas for my post tonight. I'm glad I stopped in. I put a link to Honk'n'Holl'r on my site.

FoxxFyrre said...

Thanks Mimi and Gem
I really think my nightmares--the fun ones--are to avoid getting hijacked at the consession stand at the movies. I mean really, $11.00 for a medium soda and a medium popcorn. A fifth of Grande Marnier is only $20.00 and usually more entertaining than the feature ;-). Really though, I've always had an overactive imagination--got me in trouble lots too, especially with some favorite teachers!
Thank's for linking me Gem, and I'll try to meet the dead line for FF this week, so I best get snappy!

Anonymous said...

What an unusual meme, Frank. I think it's a hoot to find out new things about people. I'm scared of heights and don't drive to! And it would be interesting to hear how you read an interdepartmental memo, or the weather report. ;-)

P.S. I've sent Mimi my Peace Globe.

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