Monday, October 30, 2006

Honk'n'Holl'r Cast of Loonies and other treats

Honk'n'Holl'r Cast of Loonie Characters
I just figured that it was time for a little introductions to the real characters that I use in Inn Space, The Adventures of Dursten Sha'wtz
Note, only their real first names and/or nicknames are used along with their character's names in the Inn Space Fiction. This is to protect Frank's left, or right one, or Both! You know what I mean! These were taken one night, after closing, in our Dining Room that is commonly reffered to as the cave for I was in a devilish mood. And just as described in earlier episodes, those are coffees we're drinking, and yes you'll see cigarettes too.

First and formost is Maggie, better known as Mugs. Her character in Innspace is Buz'zee Magswell. And yes, Mugs does really send the emails to me that I use in the Real Communications, Really section of the Inn Space episodes.

This is Lance, who in real life is Maggie's son.
He doesn't work with us, but he does work at that other place that I refer to as the Quantum Inn for that evil Leh'ster. He is the character that recruited Mel'lonza r'Ehuge to work at the Quantum. She didn't take the offer!

This is Ruth. She is our real Dining room Chef, that I refer to as Rosy Mi'kwaken
It was a busy night in the cave, but she was ready to get me, not for the camera, but I simply asker her if she did any work tonight! Looks can kill.

Tolby, The Bellman
This is approximately three years after his tragic scoot-jumper accident. He took up fitness to help with his long recovery, but is consciensious about being photographed for his calf muscle penis transplant surgery did take, but left him permanently disfigured. Appearently, Tolby did return to school, and is now a government official overseeing one of Leh'ster's satelite colonies. Far cry from that "Doh tee doh tee doh" bumbling bellman we once knew! He has still got the hots for Mel'lonza though. For he kepps leaving notes and flowers telling her "Ah'll be back," but she still wants nothing to do with him.

This is Steve. The character of Teph'lon Zoot is very loosely based on him. Because Inn Space will eventually encompass all of my hospitality career, no matter where I worked, Teph will be the Assistant GM even if the Assistant was really a different person at the time. And no, he didn't hire me (or Dursten) to work at the Gran Nebulae (or my real hotel)

Lance and Ruth inside the Honk'n'Holl'r (no that's not the bars real name, but all of us have come to affectionately call it that). Lance looks like he is in recruting mode, I smell a conspiracy. Must alert Teph, and Buz'zee, they'll fix him.

And last, but not least, me. Or should I say Foxxfyrre, or is it Velvet Head. No it's Dursten Sha'wtz.
Yes, I've always got to be horsin around, or was I tryin to keep awake---no, it must be gas.

Real Communications: Really!

Subject: Invasion has started
As you may realize after your many days in service, we will now be approaching what is known as our RunnethAmuckith Season, this has been a long standing tradition with our community. You must prepare mentally for this event as it can be very stressful. (I will provide necessary drugs). We can only hope you have the stamina to survive this onslaught. As we have all new personal and inexperienced drones it will be a long haul, as most are suffering from a new virus call growingpainitis, we cannot find a cure as yet. I will provide you with the right tools to do the job, but after that you are pretty much on your own.
If you steer clear of Kym'tas Trophy, and such matters you should be fine. In your absence on Monday P.M. I must also inform you that my cave has been invaded by Que'nesh and her entourage Zoot... This carried on untill the wee hours of the AM. She has partaken of an after hours meal and offered me the dreaded POUTINE which I had to pretend to enjoy on her behalf. Our smoking and coffee session has been invaded and she seems to want to become closer to us. We must be on our toes at all times. Rosy, our beloved chef, ran off into the night and did not stay to help out, that is borderline treason, so watch this women closely in the future. Zoot will require much more guidance, as he is starting to wander aimlessly amoung the hall's ? His trail always draw's him towards the cave, as he is lost perhaps ! I will start our first session on Tues. PM and make sure you are available to discuss these concerns.

Buz'zee Mugswell
P.S. I do not feel I should have to get my own black gold at night, so train Zoot ASAP
Re: Subject: Invasion has started

Hi Buz'zee

Sounds like you've had fun in my absence of a day. Hmm! Maybe there is a future for me afterall. I'd like to see these invaders run amok while I'm on duty, or wait, are they really running, you know how winded I get. So Que'nesh has invaded the cave, it was inevitable that she would find our haunt. Speaking of haunts, has Chester been acting up too. He's been rather quite lately, for the lifts haven't stopped at any level they felt like, and he's been leaving the night auditors alone too. Teph, well that's another matter. I'm not sure that I can train him to provide black gold sustinence on que, but I'm sure he'll want it provided too.
Kym'tas Trophy, well, she tries and maybe sometime, but not now, she will succeed without err.
Well, we'll see what I can do, and sorry about the dreaded POUTINE, I know how that can be!

Tomorrow Mugs
----End of Emails---


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed meeting your friends and especially seeing a pic of you. Thanks for sharing, Frank!

Mimi Lenox said...

Frank! It's really you! I so enjoyed this post and exploring the Honk N Hollr. And like Gem, so glad we can put a face with a name now. Great post. Mimi

Can you believe there are only 5 days left until Peace Globe launces????!!! Couldn't have done it without you.

Mimi Lenox said...

I misspelled launcHES. Oops.

Anonymous said...

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