Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Big Callenge from Mimi's Dating Profile of the Day

I've had the pleasure of competing in Mimi Lenox's hillarious Dating Profile Comeback Challenge. So far, I've done pretty well with the comebacks and have tied Bud Weiser from WTIT Tap Radio: The Blog twice now. On the second tie, Mimi gave Bud and I a tie-breaker which Bud won. But I'm determined to win the challenge. If you haven't tried Mimi's challenge, go for it. It's just too much fun. This is my entry this week. Mimi posts the challenge every Friday, and must be submitted by Monday. Mimi requests that the humour be tasteful in nature ie. language and vulgar content will not be accepted. It's fun to play with the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" dance that we do (and probably why it still goes on with no resolve). The Dating profile headlines and snippets are in red. My comebacks are in yellow. Anything blue and in brackets, I've added after the contest just for the fun of it.

1. I am very much involved in mid evil re-enactment's, no not the renaissance. I like playing my guitar, writing my own music,and singing.
And I bet you know the 'lyrics' to Michael Olfield's Tubular Bells.
(And how's Linda Blair doing? I've heard she's been re-possesed.)

2. I know that I am looking for the imposable but I am not giving up hope.
Just what I need, another rigid Gumby.
(But if you're feeling a little Pokey...wink, wink!)

3. . Should I describe myself like a car?? P.W. P.S. fully loaded, low mileage, good interior and no junk in the trunk.
You forgot USED.
(Probably not in my price range anyhow.)

4. "These bedroom eyes will put you in the mood"
Yawn!! You're right.
(But is it only your eyes that are going to bed?)

5. I believe that people should be them self and something they are not
If you want to be like them--go for it, but for self, me and I are just fine. Id said so.

6. Look if your looking for FLASH in the PAN hit the road its not ME! I'm REAL and I don't write things to IMPRESS anyone.
Great zooks Batman! Flash is in the Pan again.
We must hurry Robin, to the Batmoblile.
(I've always had a thing for dramatic exits.)

7. I'm the last of a dieing bread.
You're not trying to butter me up are you?
(With my luck she's cracked wheat.)

8. Be the flower in my vase
And a rose by any other name would still leave.
(Watch out for the pricks, uhm..thorns)

9. Don't Fry Bacon Naked. Been There.
Nope, only make bacon naked.
(And I sizzle!)

10. To thine on self be true.
To bee or not to bee-line? There is no question here.
(Who 'let' the 'Ham' in?)

Well, just as I am about to post this I found out that I did it. I won the challenge. (Don't mind my victory dance). Thanks Mimi, just don't tell Lola that I participate in a 'Dating' comeback challenge...well, I do plan to warp into your Dating Profile of the Day on Frank and Lola's Blogtrek. That should really lead to some spicy dialog!


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Congrats on your win! Great job.

Sanni said...

Congrats on your winning =)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Frank! I like the blue comebacks, too. You won? Isn't mimi the judge of this contest? How'd you sneak past handsome guy?

FoxxFyrre said...

Thanks Bud, Sanni, and Gem
I think I have spent way too many years behind a bar watching the men's testosterone dance in the form of pick-up lines, get shot down quickly, almost with surgical precision, by women's put-downs. And, yes, I love watching every minute of a man (especially the over macho, sexist pig types) get verbally neutered by keen wit.

Mimi Lenox said...

Congratulations, Frank! This post is even funnier than your original comments. I'll mention it in my Friday article (written later today). Please compete this week!!

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