Monday, January 08, 2007

Frank and Lola's BlogTrek

(Otherwise known as, and inspired from, the 12 Blogging Days of Christmas)

Blogdate 200701.7, and this is the Captain of the Blogship Foxxfyrre going where no blog has gon....
What was that honey? I can't hear you. I'm in the kitchen.
Uhm, nothing...It was the TV. Star Trek is on again.
No, I could swear that was you talking.
No, it was Star Trek...uhm...Enterprise. You know the one with that Quantum Leap guy as the Captain.
No, that was you talking. I know it was you talking, CSI:Miami is on the TV. What did you want hon?
Uhm, nothing. I must have been talking to myself then.
Captain of the Blogship Foxxfyrre? Haha, are you sure your not still delerious from the virus you had?
No, I'm feeling much better now, but do you want to go on a trip through the blogiverse with me?
The blogiwhat? You are still sick, you better go back to bed.
No, I'm fine really. The blogiverse is the universe of all the blogs out there, and our first stop is Robin's Blog called R's Musings.
What is her blog about.
Well she loves to write, and appreciates art and poetry. She loves cats. Robin has photographs of her cats on her Wordless Wednesday posting. Robin participates in Poetry Thursdays, and Sunday Scribblings. You and Robin have quite a bit in common.
Well, print me out some of her writings, you know I don't like touching the computer.
I will, and our next stop on our Blogtrek will....
Blogtrek? You know there has to be a name for combining two addictions into one.

Oh, probably. I'll ask Dr. A when we warp into his blog.

I'll be right back.
Helmsman lay out a course for Minpin Mania.
Here, take this.
What is it?
But I'm not..
Take it anyway.
Ewwww. Engage.

Thanks for stopping by Frank and Lola's Blogtrek

A weekly Blogopera starring Frank and Lola
and all the blogs we (I, Lola doesn't use computers) like to warp into.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Frank, how sweet! You even posted pix of my little beauties, Crystal & Ice! They just had their first birthday right before Christmas (12/20). Look forward to the next post as well!

FoxxFyrre said...

Thanks Robin
I've been playing with this idea for a while, and the 12 blogging days of Christmas nailed the idea for me. I'm thinking of a literal tour of blogs stemming from the Frank and Lola's Blogtrek posts. Besides, it's fun poking a little fun at myself without Lola knowing that she one-ups me every time on my blog. (Well, in the real world too lol).
I guess in keeping with a 'Blogtrek' theme, this would make R's Musings Blog-Station One of the United Ferderation of Bloggers :)
(Nah, I'm not really that much of a Trekkie).

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Great post, Captain. "Blogging. The final frontier. These are the voyages of Frank and Lola and the Starship Foxxfyrre. To seek out new readers, to impact fellow bloggers with art and humor, to go where no blog has gone...before."

Anonymous said...

Hey, what a great idea, Frank. You are original, that's for sure. I'd love to know what you have for breakfast up there in the Arctic Circle. Is whale blubber brain food? Anyway, very effective way to recognize your peeps and introduce your other cyberfriends to them. Hope you are all better now.

LastminuteLyn said...

Congratulations on winning the Big Challenge and your post was pretty special too.

FoxxFyrre said...

Thanks Bud
I never seem to have enough time, but boy do I have fun filling the little I have. And yes, I've always wanted to say the Star Trek intro, so when I started writing this post I said the first sentence just loud enough for Lola to hear me, and the rest of the post just fell into place.

Hi Gem,
Thanks again for stopping in. Whale blubber brain food, yes but only if prepared with carrots, potatoes, onions, dumplings, and parsnips. You should try my Mulligan-Willy Stew. Only joking, please don't report me to GreenPeace.

Hi lastminutelyn
Thanks. I have way too much fun playing with Mimi's Dating comeback challenge, just don't tell my wife that I dabble in a 'Dating' comeback challenge, but I do plan to do a Frank an Lola BlogTrek post about it so that should lead to some juicy dialog.

Mimi Lenox said...

Mims can't wait for the juicy dialogue......bwwaaahhaahhha

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