Monday, January 22, 2007

Comeback Challenge #11

Round 11 of Mimi's Comeback challenge is underway. Tied for first last week, and lost out in the tie-breaker comeback. Well, I'm now determined as ever. But there's another twist, Lance from Solitary Views has laid down the gauntlet, and challenged me for this round. (He thinks he can win the whole thing first try, Ha!) Good Luck Lance.

As in last weeks post, I'm posting the Bachelor's healines or snippets in red, and my comebacks in yellow. I'm again posting an additional retort, in each Bachelor's character, also in red. Just because it's too much fun to do. Any additional comments from me will be in blue.

1. I would like to find a woman that makes me fell like a man.
Men usually fall 'head-over-heels' for me, but in your case 'ass-over-tea-kettle-upon-exit' will do.
Sticks and Stones, you aint hurtin this fellas fellings.

2. I don't Know what I want and I don't know who it is sooo . why say too much cause what I don't like might be OK if I like you and what I do like might be wrong anyway . So who cares what will keep us together and make honesty worth having, might be OK.
Thank God for Bablefish's 'Drivel to English' translator. Now that it's deciphered your gobblety-gook, honestly, you're not worth having.

So I guess a night at my Neverland Ranch is out of the question.
(Note: I googled 'not worth having' for images, and ol' Mikey was the third picture. I just about fell out of my chair lauging. Keeping with Jacko as the bachelor's character, the headline even make sense now if added to music.)

3. God Didn't Intend For Us To Be Along!
See, He doesn't always work in mysterious ways, my prayers were answered.

4. I am a hard worker and very honest a one women man.

Sorry mister hard worker, I'm one woman that's not into the group thing.

How about a private session then.

5. Plus ca change, plus c'est le meme chose

I'll order the Lobster, if it's the same thing to you!

So we're going Dutch then.

6. Love to drive, Like to Cuttle too!

No, I'm not going to 'park' with you, you just sound a little too fishy.

How about skinny-dipping then?

7. Looking for someone that can show there real self without realizing it.

Did I show my real self there? Ooops didn't mean to. But I will now. Can you handle rejection twice in one night?

And they say lightning never hits the same spot twice.

8.I have traveled alot around the US had afew realasionships but still looking for the write one.A ladie whos faithfull caring with a good sence of hummer as have.

Dear Traveled Alot, 'Ladie' doesn't have a 'sence' of hummer, 'Ladie' drives a Focus. Focus is what you should have done in grammar school.

No Chance of 'Realasionship' here!

How did you know my Gramma taut me to reed and rite?

9. I am a licensed plumber by habit but I would rather be sailing.

Sounds like a 'shitty' habit to me, too bad I'm a land-lubber.

There's always another port.

10. Someone who realizes that the grass is always half full when you are pouring into it and only half empty when you are drinking it.

Look at the bar guide, Sir. There's no such thing as a Marijuana-tini.

Got any Brownies then?

So, stay tuned for the results of Mimi's Big Dating Comeback Challenge
I'll post the final judging results at the end of this post.


Sanni said...

LOL - as funy as always!
I love your new header!

FoxxFyrre said...

Thanks for stopping in Sanni

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