Sunday, February 04, 2007

Comebacks #13

It's Mimi's Comeback Challenge time again, and Mimi has put an all out call for best commedians in the Blogsphere to try out and test their wit.
Want to join the fun. Just respond to the Bachelor's profiles (in red) which Mimi posts every Saturday. Then email your responces to Mimi at mimiwrites2005(at)yahoo(dot)com by 11:59 pm the following Monday. Please respect Mimi's rules on profanity and inappropriate material for the comebacks. Good luck to all who do participate, it really is a blast to do.

As in my other Comeback challenge posts, I put the bachelor's profiles in red, and my Comebacks in yellow. I also play the bachelor and add an additional reply to my comeback lines, in red. Mimi seemed to find this round of bachelors particularly amuzing, or weird, and couldn't resist adding her own comments to the mix. I have her comments in orange right after the bachelor's headlines.

1. Alot of water has passed under my bridge in 40 years. I have really enjoyed the passing of most of it.

You mean, after all these years of trolling under my bridge, I just might get Pampered?

2. I have a hard time ignoring my libido, I guess that needs no explanation! I'd like to find someone unfulfilled like me to share some real passion sessions with (maybe we could break some new ground...)What do you say, are you ready to let it rip?!
(I have a hard time ignoring my migraine.)

Hillary: Bill, what did I tell you about scoping out those dating sites?

Bill: But Hillary, it's not a dating site. It's Monster dot com. I was putting in a new job add for an inter... In case you make the Presi....But, you believe me that I, I really didn't inhale that time in college. Don't you, Hill?...Hill?

(Please send cover letter to

3. My closet friends describe me as s a hard worker. (I rest my case!)

And a jury of your peers describe you as guilty.

But, but..The people under my stairs will tell you I'm innocent.

4. Previously Enjoyed Man

Once you've crossed that bridge.....

Can you say ex-pear-ee-meant-ay-shee-own?

5. I 'm looking for fun and fun people to have fun with. if you like to have fun i'm for you, so lets have sone fun. ask me something and i'll tell you

You forgot to say "Simon Says"

How 'bout a round of musical chairs then?

6. Im Supperman Looking for My Lois Lane (He continues....."I think Supperman returns is a great movie!)
Cliff: Norm, you're drunk again. Carla's pregnant again. The Hungry Heifer burnt down. And, here's the biggie, we were cancelled years ago.

Norm: Sam, beer me.
A man can dream, can't he?

7. i,am just a country boy who likes to hunt and go fishing in joy going out to eat

Hmm. Didn't Saddam try the 'I'm just a regular guy' approach too?

Now who's getting hung up on details?

8. Mountain man seeking mountain momma
I'm out of your range.

I brought my climin gear.

9. I'm a big fan of Live Music and will travel miles and sleep in my car to see my favorite bands
Here's a ticket to the U2 Live aid concert in London next weekend. Better hurry!

Cool! I'll get to try out my new Aquada. I made that mistake in the 60's crossing Lake Erie. I thought they meant Woodstock Ontario

10. Night to King's Biship 4th....Your Move! (Ahhh....medication is a wonderful thing.)

I knew I was going to get rooked!

A little Three Card Monte then?

And now for Mimi's Big Comeback Challenge Round 12 winners
1st place...........Epiphany Alone = 15 points
2nd place.........Channeling Uncle Artemus ..... 14 points
3rd place..........Basiorana from Frog Kissers Musings = 13 points

I'll post the results for round 13 on my next challenge post.

And I'll leave you with this very short six word story

Round Two
"...the End"... "I am the Alpha..."
--Frank Sirianni
(Or should use Foxxfyrre, 'cause I know I'll probably be spending time somehere very hot for that one!)


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Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Great job! Loved the "Out of your range" answer.

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