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See It 'n' Write It, Episode 3 Submissions

Round 3 Participants
I'm more than a little late with the submissions post because of the events of the past week. Round 4 of See It 'n' Write it is underway also.
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These are the Picture Pompts for round 3

And a final action, mood, or setting

Bud Weiser from Wtit Tape Radio: The Blog
wrote a story entitled The Countess and the Cruise Ship

Maggie emailed in a responce

Out In the Fog

After I had moved from the hustle of the city to the quiet coastal town of Maine, taking pills to sleep had become a normal part of my routine. I could not wait to get to bed that night, I was exausted from spending the day digging clams on the beach. But about 9 oclock at night I had just settled down in my easy chair with a warm drink, I must have drifted off because I awoke to an awful crying voice, it sounded as if he were far away yet close enough to hear, “Hurry, you must dock by 6, the fog is coming”. I could hear this voice keep repeating this statement, over and over again. I looked out my window, there was no fog. I set out to find where the voice was coming from, as it was starting to annoy me very much.

The beach was dark and quiet, so I walked in the direction of the voice, but could still see no one. The bridge was in the distance and was the only source of light for miles. The voice became louder and more insistant as I came closer. There on the top of the bridge was an old man, with a mega phone, I didn’t recoganize the old man, I thought I knew everyone who lived in these parts. I yelled to the top of the bridge, “Hey, old man, could you stop yelling.” The man just seemed to ignore me and kept right on with his plea, to dock by 6.

It was really getting on my nerves now.

I started to turn to walk back to my house, obviously I would have to call the police if I was ever to shut this old guy up. Perhaps he had gotten out of the home ! As I was just reaching my end of the beach, I started to sence a chill in the air, as I looked out on the ocean, the strangest sort of fog was starting to roll in. I thought nothing of it, as it was quite common for this area. But there was something odd here. Was it not what the old man on the bridge was yelling about. I turned to look back, but the old man was gone.

There was quiet now. I looked to the ocean once again, But saw only the tugboat that traveled these waters all the time. The fog was thicker now, and the oddest thing, I could swear the tugboat was following something ? I could not see clearly but it looked like a ship. Not a ship of our time, rather an old scooner you might see on display at a show. I thought the fog must be playing tricks on my poor tired eyes.

I quickened my pace to reach my house. I had a spotlight, I would have a better look. As I reached my deck, and plugged in my deck light, the fog got thicker. I swung my light to take a better look, something was wrong, the light would not work. I looked around, Damn dog must have pulled the cord, I plugged it back in. And to my amazment, there was the old man at the helm of the tugboat, guiding the ship away from the shore, just as it was going to beach on the rocks, and just as quickly as they came, they were gone. The fog had lifted and I saw nothing but the old tugboat under the bridge and silence. The old man was quiet. The scooner was gone. Then I awoke, it was just a dream, I was still in my chair. I got up to have a look. But the strangest thing, my spotlight was on.

Was it a dream ?

I went to my cabinet and looked at my pills, should I take them I thought.

Mabey not.

And a final submition by
Frank Sirianni
Put down that stethescope Frank!
A play in one Miraculous act

2:00 am Wednesday morning. Frank at work, Lola at home.
Lola (on the phone): Frank, I think maybe today might be the day.
Frank : Well, I hope so, nearly five days overdue is nearly enough, don't you think.
Lola: Yeah, but you know how unpredictable first babys are.
Frank: I guess so, but still...
Lola: I'll be down in about an hour. Make sure you have some fresh coffee on.
Frank: Okay. Oh! Stop by and grab some smokes on your way in. I couldn't get some before Shopper's Drugmart closed.
Lola: Okay, bye.

3:20 am Wednesday morning at the Hotel
Lola: Hi, did you put on the coffee?
Frank: Yes, I put on a fresh one in the lounge. I'll be there in a minute.
Lola: Good. I need it. I think it's going to be a long day.

In the Lounge
Frank: Well, how's Jodi? Is she...
Lola: Yes, she's been in light labour since you came to work tonight.
Frank: Well, why didn't you just let me know. I could have got one of the boys to fill in.
Lola: It's okay. Right now she thinks it's just gas pains.
Frank: But it's not gas pains is it?
Lola: No. I really think she's in labour, but the contractions are so irregular and far apart.
Frank: Maybe you should go back, I can still...
Lola: No, it's alright...Stop worrying. I told Jodi to phone here if anything changes. Besisdes, if I help get finished quicker we can both go and take her to the hospital.
Frank: I kind of thought she'd start today so I got a lot done before you got here too.
Lola: Good. Let's finish our coffee and get busy.
Frank: Is she in pain?
Lola: No, she's just a little uncomfortable right now, but I don't think we have that much time before she does phone.
Frank: Okay, let's really move it then. What I started, we should be able to get out of here by six am.

4:20 am
Desk clerk (on pager): Frank, you have a phone call from your daughter. Where would you like it transfered.
Frank: Transfer it to the Dining room. It's the closest phone.
Desk Clerk: Do you think that the baby's coming?
Frank: I think this just might be the call. Thanks Heather, I'll let you know.
Frank (on the phone): Hi Jodi, do you think it's time.
Jodi: I don't know Dad, but Mom said to phone if I started to feel worse.

Frank: Okay, I'll tell her. Have you phoned George at all?
Jodi: Not yet?
Frank: Well phone him now because he can get there faster than Mom. Mom will leave right away and all of you can go up to the hospital together.
Jodi: Okay, but I think I just need some Beano, or gas pills or something.
Frank (giggling): No Jodi. It will be a while before you call the baby a little fart, but I don't think you need gas pills, I think you need to go to the hospital. Mom will meet you shortly, but call George.
Lola (now in the dining room): Was that Jodi?
Frank: Yes, and I think you better get going home. I told her to phone George and he can take you both up to the hospital.
Lola: So, it's time then?

Frank: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is, but she still thinks it's just gas pains though.
Lola (Laughing): She'll know it's not gas soon enough.
Frank: She sure will. You'd better go. I'll meet you at the hospital as soon as I finish up here. It should only take me another hour or so.
Lola: Okay. I'll phone you as soon as I have some information at the hospital.
Frank: Okay, but hurry.

5:35 am
Lola (on the phone): Hi, we just saw the doctor and Jodi has been checked in. She's 4 centimeters and her contractions are about 8 minutes apart.
Frank: Oh good. So she's really on her way.
Lola: Yes, and she doesn't think its gas pains anymore. How much longer do you think you'll be?

Frank:I should be only about another 45 minutes or so, then I'll come right up.
Lola: Good. I'll see you when you get here.

6:20 am
Frank(on the pager): Heather, could you phone me a cab. I'm just about done for the night and I'm going to head right up to the hospital.
Desk Clerk: Okay Frank. And you'd better phone us when the baby comes. We all want to know.

Frank: I will. And thanks Heather.

6:40 At the hospital
Frank: Could you tell me which room my daughter, Jodi Sirianni is in. She was just admitted to maternity.
Admitting Clerk: Yes, she is in L.D.5, That room is on the second floor to your left off the elevator. It is a secure wing, so you'll have to use the direct phone at the wing entrance to be buzzed in.

Frank: Thank you.

Frank (on direct phone): Hi, I'm Jodi Sirianni's father, could I be let in?
Attendant:Right away, just listend for the door buzz. Jodi's room is on the right, second from the end of the hall.
Jodi, Lola, George (in unison):Hi Dad. Good you made it earlier than I thought.
Frank: Hi everyone. How are you feeling Jo.
Jodi: Not too bad. A little sore but they gave me a little shot of phoremine a mew finutes ago, so I'm geeling fetty prood.

Frank: A little too good by the sound of it.
Lola: The nurse came in just before you arrived. Jodi's now six centimeters, and the contractions are about 3 minutes apart.
Frank: Great. We're way underway then. Baby might be here by noon, at this rate.
Lola: The Doctor was in, but she won't be here to deliver the baby. She got an emergency page and now she's on the plane to Edmonton.
Frank: No problem. I'll be right back.
Lola: Frank. What are you up to in the bathroom.
Frank: Nuthin Honey, I'll be right out
Lola: Frank, I know you're up to something.
Frank (emerging from bathroom): There. No doctor, but we can still go on with the delivery.
Lola: Frank! Take off those scrubs, and put down that stethescope.
Frank: But Lola, I've helped deliver our neice, Jason, Jodi and not to mention two litters of cats, one litter of dogs, and my uncles colt. I know I can do this.
Lola: I said Jodi's doctor had to leave, there is a doctor that the nurses have on call for Jodi. Now take that off before you get into trouble.
Nurse Cathy: Too late. Doctor Dad, I think you'd better listen to your wife. You're more than welcome to help, but there will be a Doctor attending the delivery.
Frank:Can I still wear the stethescope? I know how, and the sphegmomenometer I can check Jodi's blood pressure, and I can check.....
Nurse Cathy: No, we'll be just fine. You just be here for Jodi.
Frank (baby monitor now beeping):Okay. Oh look, the baby's monitor is out of graph paper.

Frank (under breath):And you don't need my help, right.
Lola(under breath to Frank):Frank, I heard that now get serious. Jodi's still got a long way to go yet.
Frank: I know, but you know how I love hopsitals.

9:25 am
Nurse Cathy:We're going to add another IV to increase your contractions. You have slowed down a little. How are you feeling?
Jodi: I'm starting to feel more pressure, even with the epidural. Is that normal?
Nurse Cathy: Yes, your contractions are getting a little stronger. This will just speed things up quite a bit. That is okay, is it not Doctor Dad?
Frank (giggling): Yes, that's fine. Are you starting the Ringers at 12ml increasing every ten minutes?
Nurse Cathy (giggling as well): You are an old pro. Yes, and increasing by 12ml every ten minutes.
Frank: Yes, but watch who you call old. I'm not a Grandpa yet.

11:40 am
Frank:I'm going down to the giftshop to get a drink, anyone want anything.
Jodi (in mid contraction): YESSSS, Cannn I HAVE an ICCCeeeeDD TEaaa, and another shot of morphine if they have it.
Frank: No baby, they won't give you another shot. It's getting a little too close.
Jodi:Darn, I knewwww you were goinggg to sssayyy thattt.
Frank: Anyone else, No. Okay then, I'll be right back.
Lola: Make sure you are. I know you in hospitals...And stay out of Emergency. Remember the last time.
Frank: Yes, but that securtiy guard was rude.
Lola: Give it up Frank.

12:25 pm
Lola: Frank get up here and help Jodi. I'm not strong enough to lift her. You went to Emergency didn't you?
Frank:Uhmmm. No. Jodi's bearing down now?
Jodi:Yyyyeeeeeesssssss, Help Moooommmmmm.
Frank: Okay. You holding out too George?
George: Yes, I'm fine.

12:55 pm
Nurse Cathy: You're doing great Jodi. It won't be long now.
Ward Nurse: Yes you're doing great. Nurse, buzz me when Jodi's ready and I'll page the doctor. He's phoned and is on the floor doing rounds, so he will just be minutes to get here.
Nurse Cathy:I will.

1:35 pm
Frank: Jodi you're doing great baby. I don't think it will be long now. Just a few more pushes. Is the baby crowning nurse?
Nurse Cathy: No, right now the baby's doing the turtle, but you're right it wont be long. I'm going to page the Ward Nurse to get the Doctor.
Jodi: Hurry. Here comes another one.

Doctor Ahmed: Hello, I'm Doctor Ahmed. You're just about ready Jodi.
Frank:Almost too late doctor.
Doctor Ahmed: No, just in time. The Nurses have kept me updated on Jodi's progress with the labor, and everthing else Doctor Dad.
Frank: Oh.

1:54 pm
Doctor Ahmed: Congradulations Jodi and George. It's a baby Girl. Would you like to cut the chord George.
George:No, but I think Frank would like to.
Frank: Are you sure George? It's your baby.
George: I'm sure. I love you to have the honors.
Frank:Thank's George.
Doctor Ahmed: It's this chord here Doctor Granddad. Don't be cutting any power chords or anything.
Frank:Good one Doctor, but I think I've got it covered. Jodi, George, have you thought of names yet.
Jodi: We were mostly looking at boys names, but for a girl we were thinking of Lily, and Alice, and Sasha and a couple of others.
Frank: Lily is my oldest aunts name.
George:Alice is my Grandmother's name
Frank: I think Lily Alice sounds good.
Lola: So do I.
George:I do too.
Jodi: Then it's settled, Lily Alice it is.

Welcome Baby Lily Alice

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Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

A beautiful baby and a great story!. You might want to post the pics we had to work with? My round 4 is up!

Congrats again, my friend!

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