Sunday, April 01, 2007

See It 'n' Write it, Episode 4


What is it?

See It 'n' Write it is a simple writing promp, but instead of using a word for a promp, I use three images chosen at random as the prompts, and an additional image to inspire an action, setting or mood for the story.

The following images were chosen at random using google image search. I use a random word generator for input to google.

Write a short-short story that incorporates all three images while using the fourth as an action or setting or mood for the story.

When completed, just comment or email me a link to the story and I will add it as a post for

See It 'n' Write It

And a final action, mood, or setting
Have fun--that's all it's meant for!

Let me know when you post it and I'll link back to the story.
Check My art site for Read It 'n' Sketch It
A new creative prompting exercise for drawing
The word prompts will be based on the word prompts that I googled these pictures for this round of See It 'n' Write It

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