Saturday, July 07, 2007

14, 12, and counting down

OnlyNaps left.

But I am more into little siestas than a dog nap!

Wow just look at the pipes on that award!

And I'm still counting down
(Cat Naps till????)


This isn't a sticky post, but I'm adding to it every day cuz I'm counting down. I couldn't find a countdown timer that would count down by twos so I'm making one of my own through this post. Why count down by twos? I have such a weird work schedule that if I were to count down the sleeps left till a certain time, I would have to count down by twos cuz I only have time for two short catnaps a day instead of real sleeps like most people. What am I counting down--you'll see! So me, just being me, I wont settle for just a number to show for a countdown. Instead, I'm googling a pic per pair of 40 28 winks per day.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Congrats Frank!

Thanks so much for stopping in to chat with me about Jules. It real means alot. God bless you & your family!

lizza said...

xxx number of days to what? You're making me very curious. And we know what curiosity did to the cat. :-D

Blublood said...

I'm confused....? Hmmmmm?

FoxxFyrre said...

Bud, We'll be thinking of You and praying for Jules every day.

Lizza, Mostly just having a little fun, but I do have plans.....

Blublood, Good to see you. I'm a little confused to, but that's a natural state for me.

Anonymous said...

Frank, I love the picture of dualing siesta guy. That's perfect. This post is so you. No one has a clue what you are counting down to. And thanks for the encouragement to finish my novel. You have no idea how that little gimmick is going to spur me on. You are the sweetest thang. Just precious, Frank. Only someone with xenic uniquity would think of that.

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