Thursday, July 12, 2007

6 catnaps left and still counting

Only Six...
Yes, six (Count 'em, there's six there)
Naps left. (I really did google 'six' and the first picture offered was that of the 6 Taiwanese super models). I think I'd best be careful what pics I show for this countdown. After all, I wouldn't want to end up like this
poor chap. And then...what if Lola stumbled onto my blog and saw the models? Hmmm. First, she wouldn't know what I'm counting down, and second, she'd wonder what porn sites I've been surfing through. And then....She'd wonder why I found the need to share my "dirty picture" collection on an open blog. And then....I know she'd have my bags packed and ready at some god-awful-wee-hour of the morning. And then...I'd have no choice but to wander the streets
bags at hand, and not knowing why all the ladies scream and run away from me, even though I know I can be a sight for sore eyes when I haven't had my full 28 winks.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You never fail to crack me up. Keeo up the work. God, I am glad you are back!

Linda said...

Love your Gale Martin's Novel Writing Progress Log - if that doesn't put the pressure on her, nothing will!

I'm a little stumped on the 6 Taiwanese super models coming up when you Google "six" though! Google does some strange stuff with their searches!

FoxxFyrre said...

Hi Bud
Ttttthankkssss! <---Damn wireless keyboaaards.

Hi Linda
I'm sure hoping it will put some gently pressure. I know Gale has been wanting to complete her novel for a while and I'd love to see her fulfill that goal.
I'm stumped too. When playing through Mimi's Dating profile challenge, I would just google a word from the profile to see what would come up--sometimes with hilarious results. So to do this countdown, I wondered what would come up if I just googled the numbers. Thanks for stopping in Linda!!!

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