Saturday, July 14, 2007

4 and a 2 ........

Catnaps left now

Four more mini sleeps. Yeah!

Sidebar: I delayed a day on this post because the only way I understand a two followed by a four is in that wonderful invention called a twofour of ice cold beer. And then.....I'd have to drink em. And then.....Lola would want some too. (one too many beer and she gets a little amorous).

And then.....I'd have to set the perfect mood (and if I've had one too many, I tend to get a little coy adventurous) And then.....I'd probably have to reset this count down.

Double sidebar (I'm not into single libations): I really am a romantic at heart, so I know that both of us would do the canonball.


Anonymous said...

The guy doing a cannonball into the bubble bath is a great, great picture. Where did you find that? By the way, I added more pages to my book (3 and 1/2) but couldn't blog because kiddo was monopolizing the computer last night. So, I posted this morning. This incentive thing is really working, Frank. If I publish this book, I'm going to have to give you a cut. It would only be fair.

FoxxFyrre said...

Hi Gale
Glad it's working!!!! Noted and logged, but really a cut is not necessary--Maybe an autographed copy though ;). Believe me, I just about fell off the chair when I found this pic. I googled four, and this was in a misspelled posting (probably intentionally) with the word fourplay in the article.

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