Monday, July 16, 2007

We Interupt this Countdown

This countdown has been interrupted...
(Woo Hoo!, Rod Serling's in the House!)

Now follow me, if you will, on a short journey into the not so distant future. A future where self discipline, a burning desire, and hours of hard work gets duly rewarded. A future where anything and everything is possible.
All you need is to want it.
Want it with every essence of your being.
The time, October 16, 2007.
The place, New York City.
Our protagonist, Gale Martin, has recently completed her novel Savage Grace,
and is receiving accolades of praise on her work. A feat many have struggled with, and few have accomplished, but none have accomplished this goal with the constant nagging and prodding from a northern Neanderthal who calls himself Foxxfyrre. For this alone, Gale should be given all the kudos, awards, badges, and a thing called an ice cold zinfandel.
We will now return you to the beginning of this story, for you now know how it turns out, where you can tune in and watch it unfold on something called the internet at a blog called Gem-ospohy

Duu duuuu duu do
Duu duuu duu do


Linda said...

October 16, 2007 - I might just have to put that date on the calendar! Do you think I'll need to pre-order my copy of Savage Grace from I'm going to want it hot off the presses!

Great post - great encouragement - great friend! Gale is a very lucky woman to have such a person like yourself in her corner cheering her on.

Anonymous said...

You are TOO sweet. Yes, I feel properly guilty from all the attention. I'm going to switch users on my computer and hammer out three pages. Frank, if I ever do sell this novel, I am delivering a bottle of Zinfandel to your cave, personally, so we can hoist a few. That's a promise.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Good job, Frank. It's important that folks who desire to write profesionally, or in Gale's case has, be encouraged. You are a good friend!

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