Saturday, July 21, 2007

Must have over slept???? Now Pandora's in the House

Well, I was keeping good track of my sleeps till Rod Serling barged in unannounced at the HnH. I think I'd be at -10 sleeps now. So, what was I counting down anyhow? Well, a few things. I started this blog when I went on holidays last July, so now I'm on holidays, and the HnH is a year old. Happy (belated) Blogday HnH! The funny thing is the day I started my holidays this July is the day that new owners completed the sale of the hotel I work at. For the past three to four months the hotel has been really strange because the old owners wanted to keep it a secret until the sale was finalized. Hotels are the weirdest places to try to keep secrets. If the truth isn't spelled out for everyone right away, someone will catch on and start telling the little that they do know. Then the rumor mill starts. Then confusion sets in. And, in some cases, anger shows it's beastly head, but when the green light is given to let the truth out, a whole new Pandora's box is opened (because the sale was kept secret in the first place). And it's opened while I'm on holiday's. This may or may not be a good thing---but the timing of my holidays was set by my General Manager, I only asked that it be some time in the summer (summers are very short up here, so she had a few days to think about when I would go). I'm just hoping that Pandora and I have a few things in common.


I have to look at the bright side. I may have a new set of challenges at work that, by meeting these challenges, may or may not get noticed by the new owners, but I'll meet the challenges head on. I may end up with a totally different job description. This alone could prove interesting. I may even be replaced, therefore more time for playing with my blog buddies. Or nothing may change at all. One thing that is of concern though, is not only am I the night manager of the hotel, but Lola and I also run a small business within the hotel. Lola and I have the janitorial contract for cleaning all departments of the hotel. With the sale of the hotel, all contracts are void and need to be re-negotiated with the new owners through our General Manager. She did mention this to me, but we still have not hashed this out yet. I'm sure (fingers and toes crossed) that it will be settled when I return to my duty shifts--I still clean the hotel with Lola while I'm off my duty shifts.

As an aside, the duty shifts and the contract make Frank a busy boy. I start work at 5:00 pm to 1:30 am for my duty shift, and usually start cleaning with Lola about 2:30 am and could finish anywhere from 7:00 am to as late as 9:30 am. I get to work with my wife for a good portion of my day. We're not on conflicting schedules where we would barely get to see each other. I don't think either one of us could handle that for too long.

Long story short: Am I worried about the sale? A little. I have invested much time into the hotel, and I do have a lot to lose in more than one way at the hotel. Only time will tell.


Foxxfyrre's Cheering Squad update.

Gale just announced that she has completed another four pages of her novel!!! Go Gale. Since the Cheering squad has been in place, Gale has now completed 17.5 pages and her manuscript now totals 39 pages. It seems, by the picture on her last post and comments made to that post, that there is a cyber barbecue happening. I just finished googleing all the necessary ingredients for the barbecue, but I found some protesters.

I'll admit that I was udderly terrified of an out-and-out bovine revolt, so I followed their recomondations, and googled chicken, plum sauce, and Bull's Eye for chicken.
Cocque aux Vin anyone?
I'll get the wine and the pearl onions. On second thought, he's too cute scary to eat. So how about pork?
I'll see if I can catch one....
When the heck did they start growing wings? Probably since the eastern Europeans started pickling their feet. (I hope Lola didn't hear that. She is from Poland, and I do talk and type sometimes).
So, sorry UCS's (Unofficial Cheering Squad) it seems that a cyber barbecue is going to be a little more difficult than I first thought. I'll keep you posted.
Keep plugging away Gale, were routin' for ya.


Linda said...

How about turkey burgers? Or I hear alligator tastes like chicken ...

FoxxFyrre said...

Yes, alligator does taste like chicken just a little tougher. But then I'd have to get out the croc-pot and it is supposed to be a barbecue. :)

gem said...

Hey, Frank. The unofficial squad is working wonders. Guilt is a powerful commodity, is it not. I might just have to make ya'll official. How about if I hit 40,000 words (or 50% of my goal), you can be the official cheering squad. I'm very, very touched that you and Linda and Mimi and Bud and Lizza are encouraging me this way. I needed it, and it's working. Just don't disown me should the novel come out, and it's too racy for ya. I'm mostly worried about our wholesome, patriotic friend Linda. (ha!)

Bobby Griffin said...

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