Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Dream of Comeback Challenge

It's Mimi Lenox's Big Challenge time again. This is round 47 of the challenge. If you don't know the real rules of the game just click here. When I blog about the game I change it up a bit. This week, I just felt a little devilish impish cheeky nostalgic, and thought about some old TV shows and who was considered the most eligible bachelor at the time. Larry Hagman as Major Tony Nelson came to mind--mostly because of my crush on Barbara Eden. Hey, I was eight, but I knew what I liked. So this weeks Comeback Challenge is brought to you by:
So without any further adieu, lets get started with the Bachelors.

1. I am an easygoing guy that is known for being a smart arse, I found it to be a good survival technique.

That's not easygoing, that's just plain laziness to let your smart arse do all the thinking for you.

Jeannie: If smart arses make you easygoing, I think I'll make you one.
Tony: Now Jeannie, you know what I said about blinking things in for me.
Jeannie: But it's an arse and it's smart.
*Blink Blink*
Tony (Smart Ass): Jeannie! That's not funny, now change me back. Jeannie! Jeannie!
*Blink Blink*

2. Wise Men Don't Play Leapfrog with Unicorns

You might as well try! You're not bearing Frankincense, Gold, or Myrrh, are you.

Tony: Leapfrog with unicorns? Who does this guy think he is?
Roger:Yeah, everybody knows that unicorns fly and you can't jump them.
Dr. Bellows:Gentlemen, you are obviously caught up in your childhood fantasies, and...

*Blink Blink*
Jeannie: Silly boys, there never was such a thing as unicorns
*Blink Blink*


3. A Fish Thrown Back Into The Sea!

Why did it beach you in the first place?
Don't tell me, I already know.
Jeannie:If Major Nelson wasn't so cute, I would push him back in.


4 I don't like being alone. The voices in my head get too loud!

Turn the volume down on your Blackberry!

Darren:Why put a Blackberry in your ear?
Samantha: How would I know, I'm just a witch.
Dr. Bellows:Putting fruit in ears is just classic separation anxiety manifesting itself.
Tony:Maybe there is something to this Blackberry thing, I'll check it out when I'm in Dallas. Might become as popular as these sconce lights.


5. I'm just an enigma, if your wits are about you, try and figure me out.

To Mensa through minutia isn't that puzzling.

Darren:I've got to put these books back, this isn't even our set.
Tony: Why was Darren Stevens in here?
Roger:I don't know. Ask Jeannie, I have my own puzzles to solve.



Shouldn't you be looking for single women? Or have they all SIZED you up?
Jeannie:I suppose you're just like all the other men and want a smaller woman too.
*Blink Blink*

7.Looking For the Write One

Even after all those Dear John letters?

Jeannie:Not quite the message in a bottle you were expecting, was it?

8. Allow Myself To Introduce Myself

I've met 'Him' already, who are 'You'?
Tony:Let me explain..It's not what it looks like.
Roger:It's true. This guy named Foxxfyrre came over with many brown bottles that looked very similar to your bottle. He called it Grande Marnier.
Jeannie: Foxxfyrre? He's only eight and has a crush on me. Ooooo! Do you want to try starting over.
*Blink Blink*
Foxxfyrre: Someone say Grande Marnier?

9. If Ignorance Is Bliss, I Choose Ignorance

Good idea! Now you can Rejoice about this Rejection and not even know why.
Jeannie: You would never reject me like that, would you?
Tony:No Jeannie, You are the best Jeannie any Major could have.
Tony(Aside):I just don't have the heart to tell her it's over and I'm moving to Dallas.


10. Fish Fear Me, Women Want Me

(Jeopardy Category: Pair-able, Wear-ables)
Foxxfyrre: What are the Shark Diamonds?
Alex Trebek: Oooo, and you were so close too.That would be, for $1000 (or three points)-- What is Fishnet Stockings?
Foxxfyrre: Who writes these Questions?
Jeannie:Those just cant be right--I wonder. *Blink Blink*

Jeannie:No, that can't be right either.
Gilligan: Hey!!!
*Blink Blink*

Tie-Breaker: My hook is baited! Waiting For a Nibble

Not into sushi, sorry. The nerve of him, to call it a California Roll.
Roger:I wouldn't call it a California Roll, I live in Cocoa Beach Florida. But now that you're here, want to go for a dip?


That's it for this round of Mimi Lenox's Comeback Challenge with guest host Barbara Eden
Jeannie: I know you still have a crush on me too, don't you Frank
Frank: Well, you know how it is.
Mimi has also awarded me with the Colors of Friendship Award. I'm tickled and pleased to receive this from Mimi.
And just a pleased as I am to receive it, I'm really happy to pass it on to some of my favorites.
Maggie from Deception Road. She is not only a blogger, but I'm really happy that I know her in real life. A coworker and best friend.
Lance Riley and Ashley from Solitary Views and Maggie's Son. Again a friend and pretty much an adopted son by proxy. Congrats to Lance and Ashley on their marriage, I wish them the best.
Gale Martin from Gem-osophy. She has been a true friend since the beginning of my blogging days.
Lizza from I am Woman, See me Blog. Lizza's a great blogger and true fiend, and like Gale she puts up with my quirky sense of humor when commenting on her posts.
Ian Healy from EDogs Everything Page, even though I've been mostly a lurker on his blog, I really enjoy his work and humor.

Mimi, thanks, and right back at you with great big XXX's and OOO's


Mimi Lenox said...

I loved the jeopardy answer and Jeannie was always one of my favorite TV shows. I'd forgotten how delightful it was until now. Thanks! The results are in.

Thanks for playing!

FoxxFyrre said...

Thanks Mimi
I do enjoy having fun with these 'guest appearances'. It kind brings me back to simpler, more innocent times, especially when it comes to humor.

You should see who I have in store for a next guest appearance.

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