Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fugitive Update, by Lily Putian Skirt

This is Lily Putian Skirt reporting:

I am currently following up on leads on the whereabouts of that elusive fugitive Foxxfyrre The Serf. It seems that he is no longer hiding within city limits, but has now been hiding out in the suburbs of Bloggingham. As you can see by the fresh footfalls of Foxxfyrre's size 10 shoes, he found it necessary to stop at this tree. What would have brought him here, only to turn around?
Strange character this Foxxfyrre, but there has to be a reason for stopping here, I'll have to search the entire area. There's got to be something, a man just doesn't walk up to a tree and turn away later. And I don't think nature was calling at the time.
The entire area seemed clear, but there is something underneath this unusual white powder that seems to have blanketed Bloggingham. It's a crumpled up sticky note, and I think I recognize the stationary. Yes, it's the personal stationary of Mimi Pencil Skirt, ace reporter of the Bloggingham Herald. Let's see, hmmm, it's quite cryptic but I'm certain it is a note to Foxxfyrre. It says, "I know you've had some luck at the archives, you might not like where it may take you. M.P.S." On the reverse side of the note there was another message, but written in a different hand. I can only assume it is a reply, but it is just as cryptic. It says, "Might have a definite lead on the meme thief. Operatives in dating sites, I know I'm close, F.T.S." I can only assume that F.T.S. refers to Foxxfyrre. But this is a large area, so I'll scout around some more.

Following the trail of footfalls, they led me to this platform and again the trail simply turns about on itself. Why? I'm not sure. Curious, this Foxxfyrre fellow. I decided that I should follow the spiraling trail before this falling white powder obliterates all signs of his trail.

I followed the trail which seemed to become a dead end in the middle of a clearing in Bloggingham woods. Using every tracking skill I know, I laid and listened for any sounds, or lack of sounds from the woods. He may have been able to backtrack his trail, but I know if he is still somewhere in the area, there would be signs because the trail just seems too fresh. If he didn't backtrack on his trail, and there is no other signs of his whereabouts, the only explanation is straight up, but this reporter is not going to entertain any alien abduction theories, or other mysterious types of disappearance theories. I may have been born during the day, but not yesterday! The trail simply ends here, right at this footprint to my left. Not ready to give up the search, I radioed ahead to have Taco my trail-tracking Tabby brought to the woods to help with the search. The white powder is quickly deteriorating all signs, so speed is of essence, or the trail might be lost.

Once Taco was on the scene, he followed the spiraling, intertwining footsteps, but each time ended up at the same dead end. I don't think Foxxfyrre has the influence for a helicopter pickup, or other such nonsense. I'm not ready to entertain any kidnapping theories either. Not till there is proof. I'm sure the conspiracy theorists will have a hey day with this one, but as far as all the evidence is concerned, I will simply have to dig up more clues.

Until I have more evidence on where Foxxfyrre the Serf, fugitive of Bloggingham is hiding, this reporter will keep you updated as it's uncovered. Until then Lily Putian Skirt signing out.
Disclaimer--No I didn't just put my Grand daughter out in the snow so I could get pictures for this post. These are pictures of the first snowfall in early November in Quesnel, British Columbia. Jodi and George just couldn't resist taking Lily out into the snow. And yes, they had to dress up Taco in Lily's clothes to go out and play in the snow too. By the looks of it, Taco seemed more up and enthused about it than Lily seemed to be.


Mimi Lenox said...

She is one more adorable snowbunny.
And her grandpa is nutty.

Fruity Nuts and Cool Candy

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Like anyone would think you'd manipulate the joy of your life. Loved the pics and the story was "silly", in other words Frank to perfection!

Nice post, man.

Lizza said...

I hope the Lily Putian Skirt finds Foxxyfyrre soon! That is one adorable baby, Frank.

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