Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Summer of '74

Frugnup: Soih dkjl elllsj j slsoo.

Foxxfyrre: Weird?

Frugnup: Uioj djllkj k?

Foxxfyrre: It's weird that I can understand what you are thinking.

Frugnup: Xuu k doghtu, pt.

Foxxfyrre: So whatever you are thinking, I can understand without any one of us talking. And you can understand my thoughts too. So, what do you mean I am thinking strange thoughts?

Frugnup: IIlkkn yiie tks l lotzk. Kzth dkdl oth.

Foxxfyrre: Oh that. It's called music, well it's a song that was going through my head that I haven't thought about in years.

Frugnup: Oolap deeten mope latta.

Foxxfyrre: Music can put us at ease in tense times, or it can express feelings about almost anything. When someone writes and plays songs, people may have felt similar feelings and just listening to that song can have all those feelings come flooding back.

Flugnup: Htt tllk contt lit?

Foxxfyrre: The song I was thinking of is really a love song, but it brings back some fond memories for me. I guess it kind of eased my nerves to think about it. After all, it's not everyday I get abducted from the middle of a clearing in Bloggingham forest.

Frugnup: Ljdl up dkie mo.

Foxxfyrre: The song is called, "The Air that I Breathe" and it was played by the Hollies. I first heard it in the summer of 1974.

Frugnup: Hio dkj wwz dljo MORE TELL PLEASE.

Foxxfyrre: OK, I'll tell you about that time, but I thought you alien guys were more interested in experimenting and probing humans?

Frugnup: Hopllehlk distker MEN IN BLACK! Hakopler lsk gnip GOVERNMENT lkji opunt COVER UP. LEADER kjlop dljo BUSH ljk lji ANAL PROBE jkli EEEEWWW! NOT US!

Foxxfyrre: I thought as much. Only governments could stoop to that level to keep information from the public. I guess they are responsible for crop circles and animal mutilations too.

Frugnup: OUI.

Foxxfyrre: Did you just think at me in French?cancan_file0003

Frugnup: Uhmmm.....Hok ljo ljk PARIS ljil wek lspe SHORE LEAVE lji slho wdr CAN CAN GIRLS ljil LONG WEEKEND.

Foxxfyrre: Yeah, they do know how to party in Paris.

Frugnup: Joes ljol SONG lji SUMMER 1974?

Foxxfyrre: It was a different summer for me. I just finished my last year of Junior High School and I wasn't looking forward to High School. It's an awkward age for most humans anyway. I didn't mind the school work, but I didn't want to move to another school just because we passed a grade. There would be way too many new students from other Juniors Highs, and many of my friends would be going to different High Schools. I had a good circle of friends, but much of that circle would be broken up this year. I had one very close friend that I knew was going to go to the same school as I. His name was Paul and we had gone from Elementary through Junior and now into High School together. We did everything together, and I was glad that he would see me through the next year too. Both Paul and I had girlfriends in Junior High, but both would be going to different High Schools. This was another reason for us not looking forward to the next school year, because everyone knew you didn't start High School without a steady girlfriend. At least that's what Paul and I believed.

Frugnup: Xjill ihng GIRLFRIENDS kljd h popls?

Foxxfyrre: No, no, it's just that schools can be very competitive and sometimes mean. Teenagers can be very cruel to one another, but no, it's not a requirement that you have a girlfriend when you start High School, but it could be much more fun if you did have a girlfriend when you started. You'd have each other for support and such.

Frugnup: Klujd, UNDERSTAND I DO. K dio dsa. TELL MORE I.

Foxxfyrre: Every summer, Paul and I used to find some sort of work that we could do to make some money. strawberries_lg That year, we thought it would be fun to try out strawberry picking, because we found out that they pay their pickers at the end of every work day. We decided that if we went out Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, we would have money for the weekend and maybe put some away for bigger purchases later on. We headed out early every workday, and went right to the fields. We had fun that summer. Paul would always have the row right beside me, and we would have picking races with each other. We would make plans for the weekend, summer, the next school year, and even college. 51AS4MSEK2L We would talk about anything that came to mind like girls, sports, girls, the future, why they cancelled Star Trek, why Wild Wild West was cooler than Gunsmoke, girls, and..., and...It was a big teenage list of important wonders--and girls.

But there were times that we were silent. We both brought portable radios with us, and enough batteries to make sure neither radio went dead. If we weren't talking, we would be singing along with some songs. But one song, would stop us in our tracks. We wouldn't sing along. We wouldn't even pick strawberries. We would just listen. The song was 'The Air that I Breathe', and it would literally have us frozen while listening to it. We would be silent for a while after it came on the radio, but after one of us broke the silence we would have our deepest teenage discussions. Maybe it was because we missed our girlfriends, which yes in hindsight were crushes, or maybe it was because it put us to wonder if real love would ever come our way. Whatever it was that the song had over us, it was all consuming at the time, and it sent us spiraling in all directions of what ifs.

Frugnup: Klljo sljiw SONG, lkjil dojg FIND LOVE?

Foxxfyrre: No, not really. We did start school and found and lost girlfriends, and High School wasn't as bad as I thought it would be at the time. But what that song meant to Paul and I, went deeper than that. It affected us in ways that I really can't explain. You may think it gave us a false impression of what love is, what falling in love is, or what making love is, and what it's all about.

But in just four short years later, everything changed...

Everything stopped for me....

There was light, but I couldn't see it...

There was sound, but I couldn't hear it....

Everything around me stood still....

And a peace...

And an awareness.....

Came over me...

For my eyes met Lola's....

And then I knew.......

....And there was nothing more I needed.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Sometimes someone nails a post. You did here. Clever & very funny, my friend!!

FoxxFyrre said...

Thanks Bud, I really appreciate it. Your post for the last Saturday Nine kind of got me thinking about old times and good music from those days. I think it was because you took a serious take on the Nine, that it really got me reminiscing.

Anonymous said...

aww who knew that dad could be such a romantic :P ---Jodi

FoxxFyrre said...

Well, sometimes Jo,
The right song at the right time can bring the romantic out--You'll see.

Lizza said...

That was so sweet, Frank. So lucky, the both of you.

But your alien sounds more Dutch than French, it seems. Very cool, anyhow.

FoxxFyrre said...

Frugnup from Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands? Haha that's almost believable. Welcome back Lizza

Mimi Lenox said...

VERY sweet. "For my eyes met Lola's...." You are both very lucky to have found each other.

You've been royally tagged by the Queen of Memes. Message In a Bottle MemeHope you like it!

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