Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Comeback 55: The ECP Version Results


Many of my blog buddies play Mimi's Dating Comeback challenge as often as they can. I've played quite often and have ended up in the top 3 almost every time. On the last Comeback Challenge, I poked a little fun at Mimi because she forgot to do a snippet for Bachelor #10. Mimi usually has 10 snippets and a tie-breaker. Me, being me decided to play on that fact and in the process coined a few new (non-literary, non-scientific) terms about the missing Bachelor. So, playing further on this, I emailed Mimi with my Comeback lines last Friday evening. I then wrote a post showing my premature comeback lines without any Bachelor snippets, for they haven't been written yet. On Sunday, Mimi posted the snippets and this is the result. I will have this posted before Mimi posts the results, so I'm not sure how well I will fare until the contest is scored. I was hoping a couple of my comeback lines would hit the mark. I had to change the order of the comeback lines from the last post, but I think some hit the bull's eye.

Comeback55 01 1. Act Now While Supplies Last!

No, let me count the ways___Out!

2. Let's Drive Topless!

So you want to leave a rippling impression -- there's the lake.

comeback55 033. Dance Like My Shoes Don't Fit!

I took eight years of Ballet, now watch me split!

comeback55 044. No Such Thing As Too Much Cheese!

There's plenty of fish in a Sushi Bar too. Doesn't mean I want a roll.

comeback55 055. I Seized the day once, it was nice!

If you see Kay,

tebn_logo6. I'm Itchin' For a Hitchin'!!!

You should be aware that I've buried all my EX's in Texas. You've been warned.

comeback55 06 7. Takes 2 2 Tang!

[CTRL+ALT+DEL] [Rebooting] Ahhhhhhh! Now that's refreshing!

comeback55 078. Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

With a line like that, you should be good at baiting. So go for your Masters.

comeback55 08 9. Take me by the hand and we will see!

Ok, I'll bite---Literally.

10. You Had me At Get Lost!

"Off with his head!" Ummm. Sorry, just had a past life regression memory there. You were saying?

Tie-Breaker: Must Microwave Cats!

My favourite song was called, "All by Myself." Get it?


Well that's all for the ECP version of Mimi's Comeback Challenge. Next time I promise to let Mimi do the contest first, well maybe!!!!

Don't forget to send me your Rhetorical Questions, I'm geared up and ready for Foxxfyrre's Rhetorical Answers. I've got my thinking hat dunce cap mensa badge beer ready to just astound your imagination!


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