Sunday, March 27, 2011

When Google Image Searches make you go HUH???

As many of you know, I like to draw. I will draw just about anything that does come to mind, but one of my favourite topics to draw is the human form. I started with faces, but soon felt I needed to study the complete human anatomy, both male and female. I have never gone to an art school or taken any formal training in drawing, but I did buy a few books that I really do recommend if you want to learn to draw. I will provide titles of these books at the end of the post. To expand the depth that these books could provide, and much needed subject matter I deeded to draw from, Google Image search did provide a vast library of images that I could filter down and draw from. Going to a figure drawing class, or hiring models to draw from was completely out of my reach, both financially, and my work schedule does not permit joining an evening class, for most of my work is during evenings. Google Images was a treasure trove for me.

A typical search would be "figure art nude" or "life drawing, sketching" with google set to a moderate safe setting. I have no interest in drawing porn,  or filtering though mountains of porn pictures to find one decent picture to draw, and the strict setting would miss most of the figurative pictures that I could choose from. I wanted tasteful art photos or drawings done by others in which to study from. 
Google Images can be a funny beast. I'm sure most of you have tried a regular web search on any topic, and google returns with millions of hits in 0.24 seconds, but after you get past the first or second page of the search result, the result seems to be less accurate or not even relevant. So you have to refine your search, sometimes several times, until you reach a page of interest to you. Google images can be like that too, but at least it's visual, so you can see right away if your search missed the mark and you do not have to click on a link to go to a web page only to find it's not what you are looking for. Sometimes though, and I only mean sometimes, Google images will pop up with something that does make you scratch your head and go HUH? Sometimes it is because you mistyped your search, other times it's because Google is trying to get the best fit to your search. When you do go HUH? at the search results, sometime curiosity get the best of you and you have to go to that web page Sometimes these HUH?s are just plain funny, odd, or even wow factor to them. A few of these search results, I just can't help but share.

I was searching images for couples in embrace that I could draw from. Most of my drawings are individual, male or female. Drawing couples adds another dimension to figure drawing. Entering "Couple male female embrace passionate kiss" One picture that popped up just made me giggle.
Yes, this made me go HUH? But knowing now that this is a real piece of furniture, I wondered if it came with an instruction manual.
And sure enough it does. Sold separately of course. We never played Twister quite like that when I was younger.

On another search, I wanted to draw women with shapely, long legs. One picture that popped up, besides making me go HUH?, curiosity got me and I just had to go to the web site.
I just couldn't stop here, I had to see more.

Yes, there's a female chest of drawers too.

I wonder if Hooter's knows about this wine rack?

Now there's an interesting twist on the cup runneth over.

On another search, I was looking for a male subject to draw, so I entered male photo, and google offered male photo shoot as a search option.

Yes,iIt made me go HUH?, until I looked at the file name of the image, 
Sometimes Google, you take your search parameters a tad too literally.
But I am going to keep my eye on funny or weird google near misses.

Here's a couple of drawing books that I do highly recomend.

This book really changed the way that I draw, and even go about drawing.

This is a great guide to start drawing the human figure.
Both books are available at any good book store or online.


Sandee said...

These are very different. Very.

Have a terrific day. :)

FoxxFyrre said...

Hi Sandee,
Yes, some things that google popped up with are very bizzare.

Mimi Lenox said...


FoxxFyrre said...

Yup Mimi
That's was my reaction too.

Princess said...

HUH!!!! Now I can't wait to google for a wood carver lololol

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