Thursday, August 04, 2011

BlogBlast4Peace: Reasons 99 - 91

Peace is a simple and beautiful word that, unfortunately, we only focus on a single antonym. The antonym that gets the most attention is "war". I'm not creating a philosophical argument here for my readers, but I would like to address many, if not all, of the antonyms of peace. I would like to do it photographically, because if pictures are worth 1000 words, addressing the antonyms of peace in pictures is worth a small tome.
  • Peace noun
    • Synonyms: 
      • Way too many to list for this post
    • Antonyms:
      • aggitation
      • disagreement
      • disharmony
      • distress
      • fighting
      • frustration
      • upset
      • war
      • worry
Reason I blog for Peace #99

 As a recognized problem, Road Rage is possibly the most recent example of something that disrupts Peace as a whole, but it has also become a significant problem with many violent outcomes.
Reason I blog for Peace #98

Disagreements happen every day, every where, and for almost infinite reasons.
Many turn violent, many turn tragic, most resolve themselves quickly without dispute, but as this photo does illustrate, most disagreements can be resolved if one only listens closely. Yes, listening does hurt. It is quite painful when you feel that you know better or differently. Listening closely and with some empathy to another 'opinion' reaps more rewards than just becoming another small face on the back of a hand. 

Reason I blog for Peace #97


And many more examples -- too many for this post, but all are important texts. All teach harmony, righteousness, PEACE, love, brotherhood. (Notice that they are all synonyms of Peace--that's why it's in capitol letters!)  All are important writings that teach by telling stories, or in metaphor, or poetically. All have been interpreted to fit our own needs at any time for whatever purpose...
...Just to show a few.
Instead of learning from the stories we would rather live out the horrors of the stories and say that we do so in His name or His name or His name or His... 
"So let it be written. So let it be done."
It has all be written, it's time to learn. 

Reason I blog for Peace #96

If you have ever been in the little boy that is covering his eyes shoes, you will know distress. Bullying, a rampant problem that just seems to persist and accelerate over time. Most victims of bullying simply internalize their troubles, some find real help, some seek small revenge, few lash out to the worst extreme. The latter make headlines. Tragedies that should, and could have been avoided. Bullying is quite a personal subject for me, for I fell victim to it for many of my grade school years. I learned to adapt with humor and I wielded that humor like a sword. If I wouldn't fight 'em, I could make 'em laugh. For me, it worked. 
When the first Dona Nobis Pacem came about in November of 2006, I dedicated a story I wrote to Dona Nobis Pacem called "Little Tommy Tailor" about bullying. You can read it here.

Reason I blog for Peace #95

All forms for whatever reason. Gang related, race related, youth related, or you-name-the-reason related, fighting ends up here. 

Reason I blog for Peace #94
We have often felt frustrated at times. I hope this kit helps. If you don't think frustration disrupts peace, think of all the victims of domestic violence (verbal or physical included). 

Reason I blog for Peace #93


See Frustration above.

Reason I blog for Peace #92

(Imagine Picture Here)

For if we can't stop the global conflicts, there will be nothing left to take a picture of.

Reason I blog for Peace #91

There is a reason, besides alphabetical, that I put worry as the last of the antonyms for peace. The reason, I feel, is that if we cant look after and solve any of the first antonyms for peace, they all lead to WAR. War in the home, war in our schools, war on our streets, war on our homelands, war globally.


Mimi Lenox said...

For if we can't stop the global conflicts, there will be nothing left to take a picture of.

This is Frank at his best. You are getting rave reviews for this post on Facebook as well from lots of people.

Thank you for reminding me about Little Tommy Tailor and the bullying story from 2006. If you've ever been a victim of face-to-face bullying or cyber-bullying, the story gets to the heart of the matter. I will read it again.

Princess said...

WOW! I feel, I see, and I think I think.... need I say more?
Thanks and PEACE to you!!!

FoxxFyrre said...

Hi Mimi,
Just want to say it has always been a pleasure to participate. Thanks for everything, but most of all your friendship over the years. I know I don't blog much anymore, but I do enjoy it. That said, I still keep up with all my blogpeeps that I hold dear through RSS. You are #1 on my list. I have a feeling that this years Blogblast4Peace will be the biggest so far.

Thanks for stopping in, and the wonderful comments you have left.

Mimi Lenox said...

I value your friendship as well. Hug Lily please.

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