Friday, August 05, 2011

BlogBlast4Peace: Reasons 90 - 86

I'm going to look at this simple word peace, letter by letter (but not in any given order), to give my next five reasons to blog for peace. 
Reason 90:
Is for
War is just too expensive. I don't mean the money taxpayers dole out every time there is a conflict, I mean the human price. It's just too large a price to pay. Military personnel, on either side of the conflict, killed or wounded. "Collateral damage" you know, the citizens caught up in conflict; women, children, elderly that have lost their lives or maimed for life. The veterans that suffer the ills of war and never retain a normal life after war. The families and friends of the lost. Everyone. Somehow, no matter who it, is pays a part of themselves to war.

Reason 89:
 Is for
Yes, we have the technology to do it real damage. Let's just get it done. Force the big boys to drop the missiles on all those that don't agree with our views. Fall-out, schmall-out. We're smart and adaptable. We can bundle up and get through that nuke winter that the know-alls say will happen. Once it warms up, we will finally create that loving human society that shares the same views. 
I mean really, lets get with the program. Even if the entire globe was conflict free, we are still at war with something, and that something is earth itself and we are the aggressors. We need to stop with all the bickering between ourselves and work to reverse the damage we have already done. 
Can we reverse the damage? I hope so.

Reason 88:
Is for the 
 If we don't stop paying those terrible prices, or start looking after our earth, what future lies ahead for them? It's a price they may have to pay.

Reason 87:
Is for
Eager (beavers). 
And we should all be eager and industrious and committed to do our part to refuse to pay P, and look after E, so that C will have something for their future C's. They are our Grand C's after all. 

Reason 86:
Is for:
If and only if, 
we can be that eager beaver (E) and do something 
about all the wonderful PEACE letters, 
and I pray that we can. 



Mimi Lenox said...

I always enjoy your picture and word combination. Well done.

Mimi Lenox said...

Just re-read your Earth reason. Please pontificate more. Are you referring to past fall-outs or present?
Check your email....

FoxxFyrre said...

Thanks Mimi!

I wasn't referring to anything specific or actual in my earth reason. Just throwing in a little sarcasm to make a case for the earth from an ecological standpoint. I think what I meant is best served from a quote from a show I watched the other day. A doctor was speaking to a Corporate Executive that invented a new way to cool the earth from the effects of global warming, but the experiment went terribly wrong (of course).
She said to the corporate guy, "I hate it when you big CEO types say that what you are doing is going to save the world, You are not saving the world, far from it. For after all is said and done, and if we cant solve these problems, the Earth will still be here, It may be a millennium or two before it can recuperate enough to support even the most primitive life again, She will be a lifeless floating rock in space, So you are not talking saving the world, you are talking saving lives, and saving humanity. And you can start right here right now..."

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