Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blogblast 2012

This year I decided to do something a little different for Blogblast 4 Peace. Usually, as the date approaches, I scour the internet for picture, inspiration, post ideas, or relevant art stuff to make my peace post. Playing with Google Images search page, I tried the usual type of searches that trigger a post idea. But then I got the idea to type in Dona Nobis Pacem just to see what would come up. Besides images of the sheet music, many, and I mean many Peace Globes images were displayed. I took this screen shot (click for larger image).
 You can even see Mimi's Grandfather's Marbles. I took this image on November 3rd. One thing that struck me right away was the amount of image results (hits) that Google was reporting 144,000 results, and many were Peace Globes. I decided to try Blogblast 4 Peace
31,800 hits, and as you can see they are almost entirely Peace Globes. 

Mimi has been expanding Blogblast 4 Peace to include social networks, so I tried, Blogblast 4 Peace Facebook and...
21,100 image hits. 

After 6 years of Blogblast for Peace, I was really quite pleased with how many results were appearing, and it was all started by one wonderful woman that I had the privilege of spending the first Blogblast (Then Dona Nobis Pacem) cataloging Peace Globes. 

Looking at these google pages, which I saved on November 3rd, I thought that if tomorrow is Blogblast, how would these pages change on November 6th after everyone has Blogged, Facebooked, Tweeted, Pinned, or Instagrammed their Peace Globes. So I postponed my own Peace Post, and reGoogled the searches and saved them. 
Dona Nobis Pacem --  179,000 hits
Blogblast 4 Peace -- 49,800 hits
Blogblast 4 Peace Facebook -- 33,400

In approximately 2 days from the initial Googling to the Googling on the 6th (I like saying Googling) 
DNP --> 179000 - 144000 = 35000 posted images
B4P --> 49800 - 31800 = 18000 posted images
B4PFb --> 33400 - 21100 = 12300
That's 65,300 posted images if Google's numbers are correct.
And if you do this experiment yourself, you will see that the majority of these images are Peace Globe. That's a lot of Globes.

Thank you Mimi for getting all this spinning in the first place.



Mimi Lenox said...

Frank - Ah. Peace Globes. A snowstorm. Marbles on the piano. Overflowing emails. Lily en utero. Little blue spinning globes. Tired bloggers. Magic!!

Thank you, as always, for being there quite accidentally with me that night on the intrawebs and blogosphere roads...chasing little blue globes.

and thank you so much for tallying these results and presenting them so wonderfully. I had major computer issues four days before BlogBlast (and a broken arm). I felt like so much was left undone during this launch due to circumstances beyond my control.
But you have just proven that what we started in 2006 is unstoppable. And for all the right reasons.

Thank you, my friend.

FoxxFyrre said...

Thanks Mimi,

From that first night, which always be one of my fondest memories, to now seeing over 65000 images posted is quite amazing. I really don't have the words to express how I feel just being involved even in only a small way. I'm so happy for you that Blogblast has shown so much growth.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome post! I am honoured to be part of such a wonderful movement.

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