Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteens

Thirteen Things about Frank Sirianni

1…. I don't really live in a cave, I'm just old enough to. Not to say I'm as old as dirt, but I'm not sure if it's the big rain I remember, or if it was that guy who ran across the lake. Either way, I think I remember being the brat that peed in the pool.

2. I like the word vert. No, not the French word for green--although I do like green. When I was young, I thought of myself as a pre(vert), so I had ambitions of becoming a lovable crotchety old post(vert), I was never interested in the per type though. But now that I am a postvert, I want to go into the wayback machine and tell myself to invest in pharmaceuticals and not to worry about it for they will invent a little blue pill and everyone will be dancing and singing to old show tunes.

3. I like Grande Marnier. No it's not an infatuation, it's a lust. I know that's why I became a bartender so I could get closer and cuddle up to that beautiful brown bottle. Now that I look like that bottle, I wonder if the Execs in France could use a poster boy. All I would need is a brown shirt and red tie.

4. I'm not an artist, but I really love to draw. It's become a passion that got me into blogging in the first place.

5. I'm finding that I really like to write (although my writing skills need much work). And that is thanks to #4 above, and some very special blog friends such as Gale Martin, and Mimi Lenox that inspire and challenge me.

6. I have le'spririt de l'attrium ie. Foyer Wit. (Sorry Gem ggg). It's a skill and survival technique that got me past most of the bullies (and detentions) all through high school. My comebacks can be so fast that you'd think I said them in the foyer before I even got in the room.

7. I have a wide ranging sense of humor. I usually can find the humor in just about anything.

8. I'm nuts about computers (when they're not acting up like right this moment). Counting my current Comrock Presaristone, I have owned 11. My first was a Timex Sinclair 1000 that had a hardwired version of the Basic Programing language that needed to be hooked into a TV. Why don't we have a HAL 1000 yet, it's way past 2001!

9. I don't like Lima beans, and I don't know why. Everything else that is edible, and maybe some things that shouldn't be are fair game for me.

10. I'm not a Trekkie, or a Trekker, I'm a Trekkster. I've calculated that if I were to watch all of the Star Treks (all series and movies) that I have watched to date as one sitting, it would take six years 4 months to do.

11. Battlestar Gallactica (new and old), and Babylon Five are close runners up. What can I say, I like Sci-Fi. That's why I placed the Honk'n'Holl'r Inn Space.

12. I'm not a big organized sporst fan. I just don't see the point as a spectator. sure going to any game can be fun--beer, tailgate parties, beer...did I say beer. But I don't see the point of going crazy for these big sports games on TV. I can understand playing them, I've really enjoyed playing many sports. I think as far as 'spectating' being a sport, I'm all for women's beach volleyball. Come on girls, I'm sure you could come up wiith a few 'spectating sports' for yourselves as well.

14. (Just joking) I love anything science related. Planetariums, museums--you name it. If it's science, I'm there. I even just recently found an interesting blog called Astronomical Drawings by Sebastion Lehrer from Germany. His blog is filled with drawings that he made from what he viewed with his telescope. It is a very interesting blog, and the renderings are very beautiful.

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Sanni said...

A very entertaining and informative TT!

Thanks for letting me get to know you a little better, Frank!

Happy TT from Germany

FoxxFyrre said...

Thanks Sanni
These things are a hoot to do, and I just love poking real fun at myself

Mimi Lenox said...

Correction: You ARE an artist and you ARE a writer.
Silly Frank.

I'm doing Thursday Thirteen too.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, Frank. I enjoyed learning more about you.So you have foyer wit? See, you must have gotten my share. I enjoy your artistic expressions immensely, whether they take the form of a drawing or a piece of fiction. I'll stop back next week for Thursday Thirteen.

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