Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mimi's Dating Profile Comeback Challenge

It's Mimi's Comeback Challenge time again. But this time, seeing that it is so close to Valentines Day, I thought it would be fun to let Mimi play her own game instead of judging it and collecting all the profiles for the contest. If you have followed any of the past couple of contests there is also an "invisible" contestant that Mimi allows to play the game, but does not award him any points for playing. And this is one heck of a funny guy, namely Bud Weiser of WTIT: Tape Radio. Not fair, I tell you! All that work to put up the best comebacks and no points, no trophy, no Bragging Rights, and he's a three time winner of this contest! You see, Mimi and Bud are in blog, er I mean blove...No...That's not right...They are the newest romance in the Blogshpere. So me being the biggest softy and silly romantic, I had to email Mimi and let her know that I would bow out of this contest and volunteer to get the profiles and judge this round so that Mimi could play, and Bud could join in for the Valentines edition of the Dating Comeback Challenge (coincidentally it's round 14 and February). Mimi and Bud loved the idea of participating and going head to head in the contest.
So now the proverbial heat of competition is on.
Mimi and Bud are at the post...
Waiting for the starter pistol...(no pace car in this race).
(Frank is frantically reading the "'Plenty of Fish' Rules for Judges: Bachelor Comebacks Rule Book 19: unabridged edition XXXOOO".)
Bang! (Sheeeeeiiitttttt, I'm only on Chapter Three, subsection 9: Why Slapstick cannot be considered valid comeback lines.---Thnk Gd I tk Evln Wd's Sped Redin Cors I'l hv ths thng rd bfor the dedlin.)

Want to join the fun. Just respond to the Bachelor's profiles (in red) which I have sent to Mimi this Saturday for this contest only. Then email your responses to Mimi at mimiwrites2005(at)yahoo(dot)com by 11:59 pm on Monday. Mimi will email me all responses for judging, and she will post the results on Tuesday. Please respect Mimi's rules on profanity and inappropriate material for the comebacks. Good luck to all who do participate, it really is a blast to do.

I will still do a Comeback post for this contest that I will post at a later date, just because it is so much fun to do.

Here we go................

1. I hate to brag about myself...but since I hate to leave things undone let me give it a try

2. My mom said pick me! I do tricks and flips, do you want to see?

3. I'm nice with a little bit of twang. I love to conversate, explore and manicure a women mentally and physically.

4. live In Same House As X . .but Were Not Together. Not Into Bs, Games.or Being Hurt. Im Honest . You Must B Too And Faithful

5. to be exact getting kind of bore being the 5th wheel with all my friends looking for someone who likes to go out and have fun as well as stay home

6. Jeez I dunno.. build a snowman? or how about an entire snowman family, and then making funny voices as we put them in awkward social situations for unsuspecting, but certainly-appreciative, passersby?

7. I work hard so that i may play hard; looking for someone that can keep up : spiritually, mentally and definely physically!

8 Hello Ladies, I'm built like a toothpick, but I've started to workout again. I think I just recently found out why I'm single, I own 1-mini van and 1 Safari van. If your still interest I know your're not a gold digger. I can speack English as well as French and I can makeout in French.

9 One of the coolest guys I know!!!! Its true, I was there!

10. well this is my frist time doing this. well i would like to tell you i would fly you to a beach and we would walk in the sand to a littel hide away were i would have a romantic candel lite dinner and as we sat down the sun was setting.

BONUS 11. Irish guy looking for non-mental girl...


Just as an aside, I have to tell you this was probably the craziest experience I've gone through yet. I just couldn't believe what I was reading from these guys, and some of the weirdest were from people billing themselves as professionals and such. Once I got started I had to stop myself or I would have been late for work. I must have read about 500 bachelor profiles, and I swear 80% of them could have been used for this contest. I was in absolute awe. One person in particular had a profile that was eight large paragraphs long, and I could have used each sentence for this round and many more rounds.

Compiling and reading all the profiles was as much fun as competing in the contest, but now I do know why Mimi has the disclaimer in her heading that "Names and Places changed to protect the terminally single"

Thanks Mimi and Bud. Have a good Valentines Day, and have fun with this Contest.

Y'all comeback now, y'here!

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